Leaders and Daughters 2017: Cultivating the Next Generation of Women Leaders

In 2016, Egon Zehnder launched the Leaders and Daughters event series to convene the world’s most admired leaders and their daughters to uncover the pivotal motivations, challenges and opportunities that face the next generation of women leaders. Our panels and roundtable conversations, which brought together more than 1,200 leaders and daughters globally, struck an emotional chord and confirmed that no matter where in the world women leaders live, their professional desires, drives and aspirations are aligned and shared.

In 2017, we go further. Egon Zehnder is hosting a series of Leaders and Daughters events in celebration of International Women’s Day. The events bring together renowned leaders and their daughters to gain a greater understanding of the issues faced by younger leaders. This year, event discussion will be guided by messaging and insight from Egon Zehnder’s own commitment to diversity, our Global Board Diversity Analysis and the Paving the Road to Success – Uncovering the Challenges, Ambitions and Opportunities for the Next Generation of Female Leaders 2017 survey. More than 40 cities worldwide are hosting events.

The events connect the stories and experiences faced by current CEO and executive-level leaders to the opportunities and challenges faced by their younger generation daughters. Through gatherings both large and intimate, each event will explore how leaders and daughters think about success, what female career paths look like in 2017 and beyond, and how together we can successfully achieve a positive trajectory.

Our Global Women’s Survey captures a comprehensive perspective of what women want professionally and what’s required to help them meet these goals.

Visit this site often for Survey findings and event highlights including videos, photos and key insights from participating leaders and daughters. Join the conversation on Twitter, LinkedIn and by using #LeadersAndDaughters. Add yourself to the Leaders and Daughters LinkedIn group for real-time event updates and discussion.

Impressions from our 2016 event series

“Bringing Leaders and Daughters together is a rich and welcoming experience. The level of discussion was very open, trusting and, at times, touching.” – Leaders and Daughters Amsterdam

“We saw a high level of ambition and entrepreneurship in the new generation. The daughters gave us a perspective on leadership less connected to corporate life and more focused on creating something satisfying.” – Leaders and Daughters Milan

“Our panelists were all provocateurs who agreed no one wants hand-outs for women…the prevailing sentiment being that more young women are choosing to follow their passions instead of pre-programmed career paths of yore, and they will find a new way to create opportunities and achieve success on their own terms.” – Leaders and Daughters San Francisco

“Our leaders highlighted the importance of mindfulness for the younger generation. Passion is crucial, but it is often best tempered by an ability to sit back and observe, a sense of 'spaciousness' before acting or speaking.” – Leaders and Daughters Sydney

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Our Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion

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