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Engage with Peers from Europe's Leading Boardrooms

The St.Gallen Board Retreat has been designed for Europe’s leading Chairpersons and Non-Executive Directors to engage in discussion and advance boardroom excellence. We invite you to experience a novel opportunity to liaise with your peers in a trusted and intimate environment outside your own boardroom.

The St.Gallen Board Retreat provides a platform carefully curated by renowned governance scholars, global leaders in board consulting and the Retreat’s high-profile Advisory Board. All content is strictly tailored to the challenges facing your board. The two-day experience aims at facilitating peer exchange, sparking inspiration, conveying new insights and creating a positive impact in your boardroom.

Your Benefits

Engage with peers from Europe’s most important boardrooms
At the St.Gallen Board Retreat you will meet your peers from boardrooms across Europe
to discuss, reflect on and resolve challenges facing your board. Selective admission criteria ensure
that you will meet relevant peers who can offer novel perspectives on your situation.

Get inspired by personal experiences and hear new evidence-based insights
Learn from the experiences of our Advisory Board members who will
share their personal stories on how they overcame major obstacles. In
addition, you will benefit from the governance expertise of leading
academics and hands-on boardroom insights of seasoned consultants.

Obtain tailored solutions that will generate a positive impact in your boardroom
All of the Retreat’s content will be tailored to the challenges facing your board.
Prior to the programme we will ask you for your specific priorities and expectations.
Based on these inputs, the St.Gallen Board Retreat will be designed to address the challenges
that are most relevant to you.

Chairpersons and Non-Executive Directors from companies with revenues above €2bn.

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