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Evelyne Sevin Egon Zehnder, Paris


Evelyne Sevin, based in Paris, works at the international level, serving clients in media, consumer, industry, and the public and social sector. Evelyne is a trusted advisor in talent management, team dynamics, leadership models, executive coaching, and accelerated integration of leaders transitioning into new roles. She is active in Egon Zehnder’s Consumer, Industrial, Board Consulting, Executive Assessment and Development, and Human Resources Practices.


Evelyne started her career in auditing with Arthur Andersen. She then joined Stratorg, a start-up consulting firm where she became a Partner while working primarily on management turnarounds and restructurings in the manufacturing sector.

Evelyne graduated from HEC with a major in Finance, after obtaining a Master in Economics and Arts (English, German) at Paris X Nanterre. In 2011, she completed the INSEAD program on Coaching and Consulting for Change in Clinical Psychology for Organizations.

News and Publications

Comfort with Paradox

Most CEOs and boards name succession, both for the CEO and for business unit leaders, as their biggest strategic challenge. While this leadership challenge exists for every industry, it is particularly acute in the consumer sector, where many of the successive waves of disruption first hit.

Do the Right Thing and Do It Well

What can CHROs do to enhance their HR function and take it to the next level? In a bid to answer this tough question we interviewed a number of CHROs at some of the world's leading companies renowned for their best-in-class HR practices.

consultant name

Evelyne Sevin Egon Zehnder, Paris


Evelyne Sevin

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