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Even CEOs Get Nervous About Their Jobs

Dick Patton talks to NPR about the importance of mindset preparation and the role of boards in helping CEOs succeed.

»Sense and Respond«

Wenn steigende Komplexität die Hierarchien in Unternehmen an ihre Grenzen bringt, hilft nur ein Paradigmenwechsel, so der Wirtschaftsphilosoph und Autor des Bestsellers „Reinventing Organizations“ Frédéric Laloux.

»Das ist die Reise Ihres Lebens.«

Wenn Vertrauen in Politik und Medien schwindet, sehen Menschen zunehmend Wirtschaftsführer in der Verantwortung – eine erweiterte Rolle, auf die viele CEOs nicht vorbereitet sind, sagt Erica Ariel Fox im Gespräch mit Egon Zehnder in Berlin.

Persistence is Key to Success in Gender Diversity Initiatives

Simone Stebler, an Egon Zehnder consultant and one of the leading experts on diversity and inclusion in Switzerland, sat down with CNNMoney Switzerland to discuss her ideas about how women can break the glass ceiling.

Leaders & Daughters 2018

Egon Zehnder introduced Leaders & Daughters in March 2015 in London to provide a forum for addressing both the gender divide and the opportunity gap faced by the next generation of women leaders. By bringing together highly accomplished leaders and their daughters and mentees, we addressed the opportunities, challenges, obstacles and ideals of women leaders – and began to pave a path for positive change. Join the conversation by using #LeadersandDaughters.

Getting People to Co-create a New Future with You

Linda Hill, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School in dialogue with Egon Zehnder Boston's Greig Schneider.

Rajeev Vasudeva, Egon Zehnder’s CEO, is participating in the #WEF2018 in Davos

Hear his reflections on "Reconciling the Leadership Paradox" while Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.

Egon Zehnder Leaders & Daughters 2017

At Egon Zehnder we believe strongly that a diverse and inclusive leader creates a better world. In 2017, we are celebrating International Women’s Day by hosting Leaders & Daughters events in more than 40 cities worldwide. Join the conversation using the hashtag #LeadersAndDaughters

Wo Werte wachsen – Egon Zehnder im Dialog mit Kent Nagano

Welchen Beitrag leistet Musik für die Entwicklung von Persönlichkeiten und Organisationen? Was zeichnet Leadership heute aus? Kent Nagano im Gespräch mit Michael Ensser und Jörg Thierfelder.

“If I Have to Give You One Piece of Advice, It Is to Be Yourself and Accept Who You Are; Never Complain and Never Compare.”

How This Mother and Daughter Reached the Top of Chinese Business Leadership. An interview with Hera Siu, COO, Greater China, of Cisco Systems, and her daughter Esther Kwok, senior associate of Vega Proprietary Holdings, in a conversation about the next generation of female leadership

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