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WINConference 2013 – How to build inclusive organizations

How to create inclusive organizations was the topic explored in a plenary speech given by Michel Deschapelles (formerly Egon Zehnder, Miami) at the Women’s International Network Conference in October 2013. In his address Deschapelles provided practical tips for new hires on self-managed integration plans. Such plans are typically very important for new recruits hired as “diversity” candidates in the absence of onboarding and integration plans on the part of their employer. To advance their career in a new role, Deschapelles encouraged his audience to take three key steps: map stakeholders, develop an “elevator speech” and create shared experiences. Together these steps create what he referred to as an “entanglement”, or a platform for proper inclusion where diversity is truly valued and the fit is one of equals.

View Michel’s plenary speech at the 2013 WINConference