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Biz Focus - Thought Leadership by Amy Son

Thought Leadership by Amy Son

  • 16 July 2019

In her regular column for Biz Focus, Egon Zehnder's Amy Son discusses topics ranging from private equity to building a successful marketing function.  Amy offers executive advice and insights into a wide variety of topics including how to foster and transition to a global corporate culture, harnessing the competitive advantages offered by diversity and strategies for boosting gender equality.

The following articles were originally published in Biz Focus and are presented here with its permission.

War for Digital Talent: Sourcing digital talent – find those who can lead ‘evolution’ rather than ‘revolution’

The demand for digital talent is rapidly increasing, but supply is excessively low. Companies are searching externally for the right digital leaders, but their searches are not always successful. This article outlines five key capabilities of digital leaders, explains why external talent sometimes fails to integrate into an organization, and reminds readers of the option of considering internal talent.

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Digital Transformation: Key factors leading to a successful digital transformation

If an organization fails to implement digital innovation and its core business areas, it will quickly lose core competence. This article talks about key factors contributing to the success of organizations who have completed a digital transformation.

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HR Matters: What kind of Chief HR Officer does your organization need?

Some organizations require their CHROs to be a thought partner to the CEO on business matters. On the other hand, traditional HR roles are critical to the success of many organizations. It is challenging to try to find an ideal candidate who has both business acumen and the strong knowledge of HR. This article talks about key considerations when selecting an HR leader and how to choose the best option for your organization.

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Millennials – Who are they? How to attract millennials who are skilled at multi-tasking

Millennials are known to be very ambitious and achievement-oriented. Since they have been in contact with computers and mobile phones since they were young, multi-tasking is often a part of their lifestyle. As such, they prefer to work in an environment where they are given new roles and responsibilities. This article talks about what you need to know about Millennials to attract and retain them.

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Motivation – Keys to retention Bonuses are not the answer to motivating C-level executives

It may be more important to retain internal talent than bringing in external talent, especially at the C-level. This article outlines some of the factors that motivate C-level executives to be passionate about their roles, including the concept of implicit motivation.

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Successfully recruited. Now what?: Hiring is not the end. Integration is more important

A study shows that 57% of executives took half a year to be fully aware of his/her domain area to understand the current team’s capability, stakeholders, etc. If the onboarding process is not well defined, hired candidates could leave before they have the opportunity to thrive in your organization. This article address the importance of onboarding as the start of an organization’s talent strategy.

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Successful Marketing Team: What is the golden rule for configuring a successful marketing team?

Even well-established marketing teams can experience periods of stagnation. To avoid this trap, organizations need to successfully balance teams by including the right mix of perfect performer, the mavericks and the creative sparks. Egon Zehnder introduces a study on the golden rule that can lead to a successful marketing team.

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Private Equity Fund – Looking for a talent who can turnaround: Potential is the key to a successful CEO

The ideal CEO candidate for a Private Equity Fund are those who had a similar experience of running a newly acquired company and understands the typical lifecycle of Private Equity Fund. As it is difficult to find a candidate with both capabilities, PEF needs to look at the ‘potential’ of a person to decide whether he or she can continue to perform and able to take on a more difficult and stretched role. This article talks about the importance of looking at 4 indicators of potential.

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