Egon Zehnder
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Is your shopping cart for eCommerce talent empty?

Here’s what you can do about it

With eCommerce talent in high demand and short supply, the human capital challenge for all companies in the space – from online-only to multi-channel players, from providers of digital goods to purveyors of physical products – has become tougher than ever. But it’s not simply a problem of supply and demand. It’s also a matter of complexity – of business models, channels, customer behavior, the competitive terrain, and continual company reinvention. That complexity greatly multiplies the difficulty of finding someone with the right mix of professional skills and leadership competencies for senior eCommerce roles. As eCommerce continues its double-digit growth, the challenge takes center stage. Unfortunately, there is no ingenious algorithm for processing the complexity and churning out the right answer or right talent. Instead, the solution will be found in creativity in hiring, organizational change, and talent assessment that delves deeper than experience.

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