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Executive integration: a tough challenge

  • 10 11月 2013

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Financial Times – Executive integration: a tough challenge

The importance of successful onboarding has long been widely recognized, writes Maxine Boersma in the Financial Times. But a recent Egon Zehnder survey of over 500 leaders revealed that 57 percent of executives believe it took them 6+ months to reach full impact when they last changed functions. “The study findings are consistent with our experiences and, in fact, the more senior someone is, the more value is at stake and the higher – and swifter – the penalties for getting it wrong,” notes Mark Byford, a consultant at Egon Zehnder, London. He uses the term “executive integration”, rather than “onboarding”, to describe the complex process of overcoming the major cultural and interpersonal challenges of joining a new company. “It’s not just about getting on deck,” warns Byford, “It is much more about how quickly you can become part of the crew.”

Full story: Maxine Boersma: “New leaders ‘make-or-break’ days in the Financial Times (13 November 2013).

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