Egon Zehnder
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“If I Have to Give You One Piece of Advice, It Is to Be Yourself and Accept Who You Are; Never Complain and Never Compare.”

How This Mother and Daughter Reached the Top of Chinese Business Leadership. An interview with Hera Siu, COO, Greater China, of Cisco Systems, and her daughter Esther Kwok, senior associate of Vega Proprietary Holdings, in a conversation about the next generation of female leadership

Cash and Culture

Artist Michael Craig-Martin and business executive Paul Myners discuss a challenging interface

Interview with Lord Christopher Patten

"Oxford taught me to make the most sof everything."

Okwui Enwezor - The world citizen

“Surfers, yes, the surfers! They are always in motion.”

Interview with Michael Critelli, CEO of Pitney Bowes

"The beauty of transparency is that it eliminates a lot of the external pressure."

Jimmy Wales - The freethinker

“Wikipedia is subversive in an interesting way. I mean that in a good sense of subversive – subverting tyranny.”

Interview with former US president Bill Clinton

"Individuals and nations cannot reach their full potential without quality, affordable education."

Interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"Every new start calls for cleansing"

Interview with Kazuo Furukawa, Hitachi Corporation

“Fundamentally, education is about continuous effort.”

Stéphane Hessel - The humanist †

“What we really desire, we can manifest.”

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