Event Partners:

  • Digital Health - EZ
  • Digital Health - Transact
  • Digital Health - Janssen
  • Digital Health - XLHealth
  • Digital Health - Peppermint
  • Digital Health - Loft

The European Digital Health Days are highly interactive events hosted by Egon Zehnder and TransAct Advisory Services, with support from event partners Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Peppermint VenturePartners, and XLHEALTH.

At each European Digital Health Day, digital health innovators pitch their ideas in dynamic 15-minute power sessions, then respond to questions and receive feedback from the participating healthcare leaders. All presenters are rigorously evaluated and pre-selected by Egon Zehnder, TransAct Advisory, and their partners.

The innovator presentations inspire and inform a moderated panel and room discussion in which all may participate. These conversations continue over cocktails and an informal dinner.

Learn about the 2nd European Digital Health Day being held on May 7, in Berlin.