Palo Alto, 2017

Egon Zehnder, Stanford Women on Boards, and Stanford Graduate School of Business are delighted to invite you to the first in an annual series of events focused on Shaping the Next Generation of Women Leaders and Board Directors.

Our discussions during this event will be on the theme of ‘Nature vs. Nurture’, highlighting the powerful impact that the right kind of mentorship, advice, and guidance can have on the development of women leaders. The intent is to leave all attendees thinking about how each of us could be ‘nurturing’ women leaders of the future, instead of just expecting their ‘nature’ to somehow deliver their success in the workplace.

The evening will start with a presentation by Marianne Cooper from the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

We will then have a panel discussion moderated by Heidi Roizen, in which 4 young women will help us understand their expectations of the mentorship they are looking for in shaping their own growth.