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Strengthening Organizations During a Crisis

Egon Zehnder + SQN Offer a New Tool to Boost Culture and Improve Decision-making

Even in normal times, knowing what is working and not working inside a company’s culture is one of a leader’s greatest challenges. Now, at a time when one’s entire organization – from the executive team to the front line – is working under intense pressure in completely unanticipated ways, this challenge can seem unsurmountable. How can a leader make the right current and future decisions without a sense of where the pain points and bright spots are emerging?

Egon Zehnder and our strategic partner SQN have developed Odyssey, a cloud-based culture and leadership support system created specifically for this period of crisis.

It derives from SQN’s core offering, an AI and advanced analytics-based system that measures an organization’s actual culture against its aspirational state. Using neuroscience and advanced habit formation research, it then uses psychological insights to help employees and leaders to move the culture in the desired direction.



With Odyssey, we can help an organization quickly assess its culture against four mindsets that are most important in a crisis: grit/resilience, adaptability, learning, and sense of purpose. In addition, we capture data on the team’s emotional state, the degree to which key messages are getting through, and what is blocking progress. These insights help organizations improve remotely, with algorithms that leverage a six minute survey taken weekly by a small portion of the employee base.

In these times of stress, we are offering Odyssey at a steeply discounted rate with one caveat: rather than paying us, we ask organizations to donate the equivalent of the first month's discounted cost to nonprofit fighting the COVID-19 crisis. In future months, there is a nominal fee to cover costs.

Learn more on how to get started with Odyssey today.

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