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Directors & Boards — Is Your Board Tech-Ready?

Few boards have enough tech savvy in the boardroom and even fewer have tech committees. Egon Zehnder's Lindsay Trout shares what boards need to do to be tech-ready in today's world.

Defining the Modern Marketer: The Hourglass Imperative

Defining and then finding the modern marketer is a task we face every day. Consider the hourglass. It is an iconic joining of equals that, when combined, shows us how energy flows easily and perfectly between them.

Security Roundtable — Millennials: An Urban Legend In Cybersecurity

It’s tempting to over-generalize when it comes to Millennials, especially with cybersecurity concerns. But Egon Zehnder's Global Head of Cybersecurity says these Millennials, or "Digital Natives" have a different perspective on things like SSNs posted online because they’re already out there.

How AI Is Transforming Delivery | Egon Zehnder's Karim Jalbout at CogX 2018

Can AI really transform a business or is it all just hot air? Hear from Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene in her conversation with Egon Zehnder’s Karim Jalbout at CogX 2018.

Full CEO Interview | Egon Zehnder’s Karim Jalbout from CogX 2018

Any change you make is going with your people, not against your people.” – Royal Mail CEO Moya Greene in conversation with EgonZehnder’s KarimJalbout on stage at CognitionX

What’s The Best Reporting Structure for the CISO?

As cybersecurity risk management has emerged as a top strategic priority for companies across industries, the question of whom the CISO should report to has likewise risen in importance

Commentary: Why Silicon Valley Can’t Get Complacent About China

Chinese tech companies have become innovation leaders in some key areas in technology, with truly global ambitions—and Silicon Valley is either too internally focused or complacent to realize it.

Fortune – Why Silicon Valley Can’t Get Complacent About China

Minh-Ha Nguyen, an Egon Zehnder consultant in the technology and digital practices, says that while China’s technology industry was previously seen as only capable of copying Western products, today, Chinese tech companies have become leaders in innovation.

What Management Wants From the Changes Brought About by the Digital Era

Executives who join companies to lead a digital transformation process are faced with a range of barriers, and may even abandon the project in just a few months. He or she will walk away frustrated and tired of fighting against the tide. The reason for this is that these professionals are hired with the support and incentive of the CEO, but soon find themselves alone.

Looking Back on MWC 2017: Telcos Brace for a Hyperconnected Future

Over the past 15 years, the telco industry has evolved from an infrastructure business to being a critical enabler of digital transformation. The market the telcos serve is changing radically as well.

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