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Leadership Lessons from the World Cup

In high-pressure situations, it takes more than skill to succeed. Here are eight leadership lessons we can draw from key World Cup moments.

Open for Business: The Value of Flexible Thinking

“We’re facing hard times, and a really tough choice,” said the Chief Executive Officer of a multinational manufacturer, setting out his company’s prospects. At Egon Zehnder, we’ve been hearing this admission more and more from business leaders around the world, as they face rising costs, fluctuating demand, supply chain issues, and other economic, environmental, and socio-political challenges. Peering into an indeterminate future, executives must navigate ambiguous circumstances.

Powering the Next Wave of Utility Leaders

Electric utilities have an unprecedented opportunity to modernize and transform the country’s grid, but it will take a committed approach to talent and culture to realize their full potential.

Striking Out on C-Suite Candidates?

Adult Development Theory is a key way to reduce employee turnover, improve interactions between CEOs and boards and integrate new employees.

The Human Power of the Energy Transition

There are fundamental challenges in the energy industry today on all fronts, which require new approaches and awareness for winners to identify and unlock the human power to drive it positively.

Corporate Governance Exchange: Former President of PepsiCo Inc, Zein Abdalla, on the Nominations Committee and Leadership Transition

Read on for the key takeaways from an engaging discussion on the future of cultivating and transitioning leaders, from CEOs to board members.

Psychological Safety: Digging Deep Within

Examining psychological safety, why it boosts performance, and why it matters.

The Art of Being Your Best Self: How to Thrive, Make Friends, and Influence People in a Post-Pandemic World

What is your superpower and how do you tell your own story? Egon Zehnder’s Simmi Singh answers that question and more in this webinar hosted by Michael Rovinsky of Perkins & Will and Wharton's Health Management Alumni Association.

Made for Each Other? What Makes You So Sure?

Assessing management teams is a crucial element of any due diligence as part of an M&A process.

Harvard Business Review - The Former and Current Chairs of Mastercard on Executing a Strategic CEO Succession

Our work with the former and current Chairs of Mastercard on a strategic CEO Succession

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