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Commentary: Here’s Why So Many CEOs Start the Job Unprepared

Leadership has never been easy. Yet given the current volatility of the external world—stemming from geopolitical uncertainty, activist pressure, a new generation of employees, and digital disruption—running a large company is both more challenging and less secure than it’s ever been, as the daily drumbeat of CEO departures shows.

The CEO: A Personal Reflection

Between November 2017 and January 2018, Egon Zehnder conducted a global research project, surveying current chief executives from a wide cross-section of industries, countries, and corporate structures. A large number—402 of them—responded, sharing their perspectives on what the job entails, the level of preparation they felt they had received, their succession planning process, and how they lead and cope in these volatile times.

What Mobile CEOs Want to Know:

The mobile industry is in the midst of large-scale evolution requiring every company to be more agile, more efficient and more innovative in the effort to discover and implement new ways of adding value.

The American Lawyer — The Careerist: Asian-American Women are Filling the GC Suite

Female lawyers of Asian descent are climbing the ranks as general counsel and heading the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies at an unprecedented rate.

Lessons From the Maker Movement

The maker movement is a cultural phenomenon that celebrates shared experimentation, iterative learning and discovery through connected communities that build together while always emphasizing creativity over criticism.

CERAWeek 2018 Leadership and Innovation

Discussion Highlights from Egon Zehnder’s 7th Annual CEO Breakfast at CERAWeek 2018.

At MWC 2018, Mobile Meets the Future

The 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona had an optimism that set it apart from the gatherings of recent years. This was largely due to advances in making 5G a reality and the rapid evolution of the array of businesses that depend on a robust mobile sector.

Egon Zehnder’s Gizem Weggemans at The Indie Summit, “A Framework for Leadership”

“A Framework for Leadership” was the topic of Gizem Weggemans’ presentation at The Indie Summit at the Royal College of Physicians on 14th June in London. The Indie Summit is the only large-scale global conference and networking event exclusively for Owners, CEOs and Senior Directors of the world’s leading independent marketing and communications agencies.

What Makes an Ideal Private Equity CFO?

As private equity firms look to maximize value from their investments, it is critical to ensure that portfolio company management teams have the right capabilities to execute against their investment theses. Though in many cases the underlying premise will lie in backing an existing management team, it is increasingly common for private equity firms to bring in a new CFO early in the lifespan of an investment.

Harvard Business Review – How to Apply for a Job You're Overqualified For

There are many reasons why candidates apply for jobs that don’t match their level of experience. These include switching industries, trying to get into a particular company, relocating to a new city, or looking to maximize personal flexibility. But even an impressive résumé doesn’t guarantee an offer.

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