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Recognizing a Pivotal Moment

Pfizer Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Lidia Fonseca, talks with Egon Zehnder’s Al Prieto and LCDA’s Esther Aguilera about how a pivotal moment lead her to drive digital transformation throughout her career.

Taking Career Risks

Consuelo is a former executive officer of Monsanto Company, a Fortune 500 global provider of innovative, sustainable agricultural solutions. She serves on the boards of small, mid-cap, and large-cap public companies.  

Demystifying Courageous Leadership

Courageous leaders are the ones who can motivate their employees around a shared purpose, inspire their customers, and bring their companies to international recognition—on top of reaching shareholder goals.

CEOs and Stakeholder Capitalism: An Expanding Leadership Role

CEOs face new requirements from stakeholders that calls for greater resilience and purposeful leadership

The Value of Multicultural Teams in Leadership Development

Michaela Tod, Co-CEO Entertainment at ProSiebenSat.1 SE media company, spoke with Egon Zehnder's Andrew Roscoe about her leadership journey, the value of multicultural teams, and the impact the Executive Discovery Program had on her development as a leader.

The Call for Curiosity

Curious, bold leadership is not something you simply have or don’t have; you build upon what is there, you learn it and continue to constantly develop it.

Board Effectiveness Reviews: What the Board Can Learn from Looking in the Mirror

In the last decade, the oversight responsibilities of the board have taken on a new level of complexity. Disruptive business models can come from any direction, and the types of risks the board must monitor have multiplied.

Demand for African Talent Is Increasing

Many young African leaders are returning to their home countries, driven to build the continent’s economy. What’s at the root of this emerging trend, and what is the potential impact on France, a country that relies on African talent?

Making the Leap from CFO to CEO

Ten tips from financial officers for how to prepare to take on the chief executive role.

Career Advice from Egon Zehnder's Akiba Smith-Francis

Egon Zehnder's Akiba Smith-Francis sat down with CLO Magazine for a Q&A on how she got into the coaching space and the lessons she’s carried with her throughout her career.

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