Egon Zehnder
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Content related to THE FOCUS on Convergence

Of bridges and schools

Francis Kéré combines European expertise with African tradition.

Interview with René Obermann, Deutsche Telekom AG

"There are so many options that trial and error is very much the order of the day."

Creating an environment that encourages vitality

Fritjof Capra on the dual nature of companies, a holistic understanding of the world, and what we can learn from Leonardo da Vinci.

The Next Stage of Globalization

The Convergence of Corporate Governance Practices.

Architect of Consumer Centricity

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer at the interface between market needs and business strategy.

Humankind’s big questions

Literary agent and networker John Brockman on scientists as the intellectuals of the twenty-first century.

Bridges to the future

On the many parallels between the expectations of young talents and the changing business environment.

The Constraint of Choice

Removing barriers to authentic global communication.

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