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Content related to THE FOCUS on Family

Interview with Henry and Sunny Tan, Luen Thai Group

“We believe we are stronger as a business and happier being together as family. These are the fundamentals of our parents’ culture and value system, and this is our inheritance.”


Dialogue between historian Deborah Cadbury and family business expert Nigel Nicholson: “Family firms bind people together by the really fundamental elements of being human.”

Lessons for parents and teachers

Why we can only win in our family relationships- not conquer.

Interview with Matti Alahuhta, CEO KONE Corporation

"The continuity coming from the family ownership history is an asset for us in developing a strong performance culture."

Family portraits

A journey through art history.

Interview with political philosopher Michael J. Sandel

"Choice Flows from how I interpret my identity, and part of my identity is hat I am the son of my parents."

“Each succeeding generation sees the family business not as a matter of ownership, but of trusteeship.”

A Vellayan on maintaining the fine balance between family interests and business success through many generations.

"Philantrophy is part of our family tradition, part of the family's DNA."

The patriarch of the British branch of the Rothschild family on the importance of philanthropy.

Keeping the family in family firms

What sets family businesses apart - by Prof. Dr. Sabine B. Klein and Prof. John L. Ward, Ph.D.

Marking the milestones

James E. Hughes on the role of ritual.