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Content related to THE FOCUS on Inclusion

Interview with Ela Bhatt

“How can we live in a world where people go to bed hungry every night? How do we bear it?”

Interview with Henryka Bochniarz

“We are not fighting just to have a percentage of places at the table.”

A company with no passport

Putting a global mindset to work.

Interview with Umran Beba, PepsiCo

“Developing a global mindset means being open to diversity across cultures and markets.”

Breaking the cycle

Junior Smart and the Southwark Offenders Support Project.

Interview with multidirector Anne M. Mulcahy

“A roomful of CEOs doesn’t necessarily make the best board.”

Goodbye to groupthink

Diversified perspectives make for better solutions.

FC Barcelona and its exemplary academy La Masia

FC Barcelona has enjoyed more success than any club side in history on the back of an attacking philosophy rooted in hard work. Barça’s football academy La Masia is where that work begins.

Lord Mervyn Davies on progress towards diversity

“If anybody thinks they can go back to the old ways, they are very much mistaken.”

Great Expectations - How the cultural shift toward deeper diversity can succeed

How the cultural shift toward deeper diversity can succeed.