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Applying Incubating to Marketing

CMO of Eventbrite, Brian Irving, discusses the importance and bravery of applying incubating to marketing.

Brand Purpose as a Pillar for Growth

Jay Sethi, CMO of Diageo Beer Company and VP of Smirnoff, discusses brand purpose and how Smirnoff leverages it as a pillar for growth.

Marketers as the Architects of Growth

Kellogg's Chair of the school's Marketing department, Florian Zettelmeyer, discusses how the role of marketing's shift in the midst of digital and business transformation.

The Gift of Feedback in Your Career

Kellogg's Chief Growth Officer discusses how she prioritizes investing in herself in such a high-performance role.

Why You Should Embrace the Lateral Move in Your Career

At the 2019 Kellogg Leadership Summit, Intuit's Global CMO shares her career journey and her experience working on both the consumer and tech side.

A Marketer's Journey From Enterprise to Startup

At the 2019 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Fluresh, Lindsay Levin, shares lessons learned from her jump from Pepsico to the startup world.

IHG's Story of Growth—and Lessons Learned Along the Way

At the 2019 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, Egon Zehnder's Jason Hecker sat down with IHG's SVP Global Marketing Eric Lent to discuss how growth has impacted their marketing function.

The Three Stages of Brand Purpose

At the 2019 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, Egon Zehnder's Kristi Maynor sat down with Kellogg Professor Jim Stengel to discuss the future of brand purpose.

CDOs & Enterprise Transformation

Egon Zehnder's Lindsay Trout discusses the role of Chief Digital Officers in a CogX 2019's panel, "CDOs and Enterprise Transformation."

Hyatt's Global Head of Digital on Leading a Digital Transformation

As part of Egon Zehnder's global survey on CDOs, Julia Van der Ploeg, Hyatt's Global Head of Digital, shares what it takes to lead a transformation role at a large-scale organization.

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