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Fox Business – George Davis on the Shifting Nature of the Workforce in 2016

Millennials are an increasingly important part of the workforce in 2016, and companies are adapting to attract the top millennial talent. In an interview with the US broadcaster Fox Business, Egon Zehnder Global CEO Practice Leader George Davis provided his insight on how to attract and retain the top millennial talent. Davis detailed the three things that millennials look for in a workplace saying, “they want PIE… purpose, identity and engagement.” In today’s disruptive digital business environment, leaders are finding that they get more productivity out of a more actively engaged workforce. The most innovative companies are doing away with annual reviews, instead providing real-time feedback. Corporate perks are shifting as well, as the majority of the workforce is more concerned with debt and loans than they are retirement or pensions. Davis concluded with his insights on the job market, highlighting the growth of the service economy and the importance of Big Data and analytics.

George L. Davis on Mornings with Maria: Employers offering to pay off student loans to attract Millennials, on Fox Business (31 March 2016).