Great People Decisions – an insider’s guide to finding the right person for the right job every time

“Nothing is more important than knowing how to hire and promote great people,” says Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, author of Great People Decisions: Why They Matter So Much, Why They Are So Hard, And How You Can Master Them. This is true both on the personal level and at the organizational level. Without great people, neither individuals nor their companies can succeed.

But making key appointments is hard. This is what successful managers lose sleep over: figuring out how to find the very best person for the job. But few people get any formal training in this all-important activity. To make matters worse, no comprehensive tools exist to make up for this lack of training. Great People Decisions fills that gap.

Making great people decisions is important for organizational performance at all stages in the life of a business, from the business plan forward. In a comprehensive way, and in simple and accessible language, Great People Decisions tells you what you need to know about hiring and promoting at each step of the way, including such topics as:

  • The Success Formula. Why do certain people succeed, and others fail? After 20 years of practice and research, Fernández-Aráoz has identified the four factors that determine the formula for career success. The higher you rise within your company, the more important great people decisions will become for you and your colleagues.
  • Why Great People Decisions Are So Hard. You can learn how to make great people decisions—but only if you recognize and deal with the psychological biases and emotional traps that may be impeding your decision-making. Learn how to tilt the odds of making the right hiring and promotion choices in your favor.
  • What to Look For. Some characteristics are better predictors of success than others. You need to focus your efforts on these traits, rather than getting sidelined by factors that don’t matter as much.
  • Where to Look: Inside and Out. Should you look to promote from within, or hire from outside? How broad should your search be, and how do you know when to stop searching? Great People Decisions offers executives a time-saving, cost-efficient strategy for finding the right candidates.
  • How to Appraise People. Follow the principles outlined by Fernández-Aráoz for appraising candidates, and you will achieve valid, reliable candidate assessments that enable you to hire and promote the very best people in the world.
  • How To Attract and Motivate the Best People. Not every job search ends in a successful appointment. Many great candidates melt away when the hiring process shifts from assessment to recruitment – mainly due to mistakes on the part of the hiring company. Learn how to avoid these classic mistakes, so that you can “land” that great person you’ve found.

A great company — full of great people — is an invaluable asset. It raises our standard of living, lifts our sights, broadens our horizons and gives us hope for the future. Mastering great people decisions helps create such a company. It helps you choose the right leaders for your teams, who in turn can create the conditions of meaningful work and rich relationships that foster happiness and maximize productivity.

It all comes down to people. Making the right people decisions will promote success from the corner office right down to the front lines. Great People Decisions offers executives a comprehensive set of tools, processes and concepts that should be invaluable to their leadership role every day, all the time.