“A brilliant perspective into ‘the fourth era of people decisions’ for all companies striving to keep pace with this rapidly changing, increasingly complex world. Finally, a focus on hiring for insatiable curiosity and the insight to see connections, all to achieve collective greatness. Thank you, Claudio, for enlightening the business world about how great companies are built and transformed, and how they remain at the forefront of society.”

– Angela Ahrendts, former CEO, Burberry; Senior Vice President, Apple Retail

“People decisions are some of the most difficult, yet most consequential choices managers make. It’s Not the How or the What but the Who has engaging, practical, and evidence-based wisdom that will help anyone with this essential task. Claudio Fernández-Aráoz offers up a rich collection of his penetrating insights; I can think of no one more qualified to advise us. This is a truly outstanding guidebook, offering every manager sound direction on what to do Monday morning.”

– Daniel Goleman, bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence

“There is an old Asian adage about ‘(great) people being everything.’ Fernández-Aráoz’s book is elegantly written with penetrating analysis and meticulous detail. A significant book on how to execute on great people decisions—extremely relevant for thoughtful executives and CEOs.”

– Jong-Yong Yun, former CEO, Samsung Electronics

“In this extraordinary book Fernández-Aráoz expertly marshals his vast experience, palpable passion, and a wealth of important research to explain what’s really required to get and groom the best talent. Whether hiring a new team member, composing a board, or even selecting the next Pope, anyone whose success depends on making better people choices (and that’s all of us!) must read this book.”

– Herminia Ibarra, the Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning, INSEAD