Supply Chain

Best-in-class supply chain leaders can deliver huge competitive gains. The stakes are high, and executives who are truly up to the challenge are rare.

Companies with superior supply chain performance achieve superior financial performance. That means your supply chain is not just a cost, but a powerful strategic asset. Indeed, a growing number of CEOs see the supply chain as the single most important aspect of competing successfully.

The central challenge is complexity. Supply chain encompasses a tight integration of functions from Sourcing and Procurement, Manufacturing Operations, Transportation and Logistics to Customer Service and Quality. The best supply chain leaders are able to integrate multiple functions into supply chains that reach seamlessly around the world. But these executives are in intense demand. Finding the right person has profound implications for your bottom line.

At Egon Zehnder, we understand both the operational and strategic imperatives faced by supply chain leaders. Each day they must effectively collaborate with suppliers and distributors, respond to changes in demand, harness new technological developments, optimize efficiency, and prevent costly manufacturing disruptions. Supply chain leaders must also address societal issues in the business environment – for example, the “greening” of the supply chain or fair trade – and turn them into opportunities for competitive differentiation. And while doing all this, they must discern and deliver what really creates value.

Informed Expertise

The Supply Chain Practice of Egon Zehnder is a global resource dedicated to bringing you the world’s best supply chain talent. Our experience in identifying executives across all functions of the supply chain is broad and deep. We successfully recruit a wide range of supply chain executives for market-leading companies, assisting our clients in identifying talented executives in Operations and Manufacturing, Sourcing and Procurement, Logistics and Distribution and Quality Management and Planning. We continuously track top supply chain practitioners across industrial manufacturing, technology and telecommunications, life sciences, consumer products and retailing, transportation, and professional services. All of our consultants have themselves worked as supply chain leaders and maintain close, personal connections with the best in the field.

Collaborative Approach

The consultants in our Supply Chain Practice work as your partner to assemble and develop world-class leadership teams. Referencing our globally researched benchmarks, we help you pinpoint your ideal leaders’ demonstrated leadership competencies, personality traits and behavioral characteristics, so you can objectively benchmark internal and external candidates against the same rigorously defined standard. Significantly, we can also help you assess leadership potential – using a unique methodology that helps you anticipate how your rising leaders will perform in new and more demanding executive roles – to help you create more accurate and reliable leadership development and succession plans.

Personal, Global Search

When the candidate profile calls for external search, our consultants personally and confidentially engage their local and global relationships and Egon Zehnder colleagues to identify candidates prepared to meet your needs. All of our consultants are motivated via our equal partnership structure and fixed-fee pricing policy to work on your behalf. The power of this trusted network places the insight and resources of our entire firm at each consultant’s fingertips, making our solutions richer and more responsive, and creating tangible and enduring business impact for our clients. Your search consultants are supported by a dedicated team of researchers who simultaneously run your requirements through relevant segments of our database, which continually tracks top executive and director talent worldwide. Through this rigorous process, we closely examine candidates who demonstrate a potential match, analyzing critical incidents in their careers for insights into how they might navigate the challenges they would face in your targeted role.

Crucial Connections

As we move deeper into conversation with interested, well-qualified candidates, we conduct interviews grounded in our sophisticated and rigorously validated leadership Competency and Potential Model. Our evaluation encompasses far more than the customary professional track record check and referencing. We methodically surface the candidate’s full range of capabilities, personal tendencies and behavioral characteristics, gain penetrating insights into their readiness to perform in the targeted supply chain leadership role, and assess how smoothly candidates would integrate into your organization and culture.

Trust-based Negotiation

Our consultants develop trust-based relationships with candidates, gaining a close understanding of their requirements and concerns. So as your search progresses towards the hiring phase we are ready to serve as problem solvers and facilitators. Our fixed-fee policy ensures that we can play this sensitive role with no conflict of interest.

Accelerated Integration

Our value add does not end with a successful hire. For newly appointed senior executives, the first few weeks and months in the role are critical. They must quickly understand the organization’s culture, set the right priorities, and establish credibility with colleagues and stakeholders. Our Accelerated Integration service speeds your new executive’s journey to full impact. We start supporting executives well before “Day One” in a new role – ideally, as soon as the appointment decision is made. Working in collaboration with the hiring manager and the HR manager, we help your executive build an accurate and insightful picture of the upcoming integration challenge, making the keys to leadership success vividly clear and crafting a plan to hit the ground running. We also work personally with the welcoming leadership team as well as the executive to quickly cultivate interpersonal trust and open dialogue. Through the first 90 days, our consultants gather and distill candid feedback on the first impressions the executive is creating during the initial integration. We meet one-on-one with the executive at regular intervals – creating “islands of time” to allow them briefly to set aside all-consuming operational priorities, reflect on progress, identify and prioritize early wins, and calibrate their approach as needed.

Executive Assessment and Development

Beyond executive search, we offer Executive Assessment and Development services designed to help you link specific talent management effort directly to your business strategy. Our proprietary approach to Executive Assessment and Development includes appraisals and benchmarking of your senior managers’ competencies, experience, and growth potential. We assess 10,000 executives a year in this way, working with you to develop your leaders, maximize the effectiveness of your senior teams, and plan and support succession for key roles. Our focus on Diversity and Inclusion helps you nurture diversity at the board and executive level – and translate it into business value.

Assured Results

We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our client relationships are long-term. We can only achieve this by being consistently effective, responsive to your specific needs, and committed to your ongoing success. Our goal across all our services is to help you make better people decisions for critical roles, systematically increase your leaders’ readiness to take on bigger challenges, build a sustainable talent pipeline, and ensure that your leadership teams have the diverse strengths required to create competitive advantage.

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