Connecting Leaders

The Dialogue Files

Bertrand Piccard & Ulrich Spiesshofer

Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of technology group ABB, and Bertrand Piccard, scientist-explorer and the initiator of solar impulse, talk about fostering a pioneering spirit and how to motivate people in times of uncertainty.

Jan du Plessis & François Pienaar

Learning from Nelson Mandela: South African rugby legend François Pienaar and Jan du Plessis, Chairman of Rio Tinto, discuss trust, the rules of the game, and values in leadership.

Jeremy Heimans & Taiye Selasi

Movement entrepreneur Jeremy Heimans and novelist Taiye Selasi explore how the millennial generation is driving a momentous shift in how we do politics, conduct business, and engage in the critical issues shaping our future.

Kumi Naidoo & Hans Wijers

Greenpeace head Kumi Naidoo and Hans Wijers, former CEO of AkzoNobel, on the long road ahead in terms of environment and climate protection, on new networks connecting businesses and NGOs, and on a more globally equitable balance between ecological, social, and economic demands.

Wynton Marsalis & Indra K. Nooyi

Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra K. Nooyi swing in harmony – about freedom within a framework, authenticity, and why good leadership involves being a brilliant solo star as well as a good team player.

Ólafur Elíasson & Alexander Ljung

Artist Ólafur Elíasson and internet entrepreneur Alexander Ljung consider the pulling power of a cluster of creative talent, a new culture of sharing, and the bridge between thinking and doing.

Sugata Mitra & Jasmine Whitbread

Save the Children chief executive Jasmine Whitbread and TED-prizewinning educational researcher Sugata Mitra explore social responsibility, global development, and the future of learning.

Beatriz Milhazes & Hélio Bruck Rotenberg

Mixing and remixing: Artist Beatriz Milhazes and computer entrepreneur Hélio Bruck Rotenberg discuss the dialectics of tradition and innovation in an emerging nation, the benefits of being accustomed to dealing with a crisis, and how to make use of diversity.

Paul E. Jacobs & Lang Lang

Pianist Lang Lang talks with Paul E. Jacobs, inventor and Executive Chairman of Qualcomm, about the balance between discipline and freedom, challenging fathers, and artificial intelligence.


Katherine Grainger & Ben Medlock

Olympic gold medalist rower Katherine Grainger and Ben Medlock, co-founder and CTO of SwiftKey, on what lies beyond brains and brawn

Ben Nelson & Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner, educational innovator and ‘thought leader’, discusses with Ben Nelson of Minerva Project, a technology executive turned educational entrepreneur, the options and opportunities.

Wayne McGregor & Nikesh Arora

Renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor speaks with former Google executive Nikesh Arora about the alchemy of antagonistic forces in the creative process.

Deborah Cadbury & Nigel Nicholson

Family business expert Nigel Nicholson speaks with Quaker Capitalism historian Deborah Cadbury on the importance of values and ethics in corporate life.

Herbert Blomstedt & Mads Ovlissen

Building Personality – Conductor Herbert Blomstedt and Mads Øvlisen on music, art and leadership, and why acquiring a familiarity with our cultural heritage is so important in forming responsible individuals with strong characters.