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Christian Rosen


+49 30 32 79 55 89


Christian Rosen heads Egon Zehnder’s Berlin office and leads the firm’s global Mobility & Automotive Practice. He serves automotive, technology, and industrial clients throughout Europe as well as multinational clients in China. Christian provides executive assessment and development solutions, including management appraisals, team effectiveness consulting, and accelerated integration support to executives transitioning into new roles. Christian is also deeply involved in a broad range of topics covering digital transformation and new business models in the wider automotive sector. He is a trusted advisor on talent strategy for security management and also active in Egon Zehnder’s CEO Practice.

I cherish being at the forefront of what drives change in our industry and serving as a thought advisor on relevant issues.

Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Christian was a senior engineering executive at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany, where he was responsible for managing global vehicle and other programs throughout Europe as well as in China and the United States. Earlier, Christian was a consultant with Boston Consulting Group in Berlin.

Christian earned a PhD in physics from the Technical University of Berlin, and he studied physics at the University of Bonn and the University of Tennessee and Business Administration at FernUniversität Hagen. He is a lecturer for EBS Executive Education. In his private life, Christian is intensely involved with his family and passionate about all things automotive.

Christian Rosen ist Leiter des Berliner Büros von Egon Zehnder und leitet die globale Praxisgruppe Mobility & Automotive. Er berät Automobil- und Industrieunternehmen in Europa, China und den USA bei der funktionsübergreifenden Suche nach Führungskräften und unterstützt Klienten in Fragen des Talentmanagements. Außerdem ist Christian Rosen in der CEO- sowie in der Leadership Services Praxisgruppe von Egon Zehnder aktiv. Zu seinen Schwerpunkten neben Executive Search gehören Management Appraisals, Evaluierung von Führungsteams und die Begleitung von Führungskräften während der Übergangsphase in neue Rollen.

Bevor er zu Egon Zehnder kam, bekleidete Christian Rosen eine führende Position in der Abteilung Technische Entwicklung der Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg und leitete globale Projekte im Bereich Produktmanagement. Zuvor war er als Berater für die Boston Consulting Group in Berlin tätig.

Christian Rosen studierte Physik an der Universität Bonn, der University of Tennessee und der Technischen Universität Berlin, wo er auch promovierte. Zusätzlich studierte er Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der FernUniversität Hagen. Christian Rosen lehrt an der EBS in Oestrich-Winkel Executive Education.


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