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Four Tips To Be a Successful Leader

  • 三月 2015

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Australian Financial Review – Four Tips To Be a Successful Leader

What defines successful leaders today, asks the Australian Financial Review in an interview with Egon Zehnder’s Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Vasudeva According to Vasudeva, there are four key criteria: curiosity, insight, engagement and resilience. “Curiosity is about developing yourself. How as a leader do you keep yourself relevant in today’s changing environment,” he notes. He defines insight as the ability to process large volumes of information and connect the dots to assess its short and long-term implications. Engagement, says Vasudeva, calls for humility and emotional intelligence from leaders, who “need to deeply engage and be able to build a culture of purpose.” Resilience involves leading change in a volatile, fast-changing environment. Looking forward, Vasudeva urges leaders to bear in mind that: “What got you here is unlikely to keep you here or get you further”.

Full story: Anne Hyland: Four top tips to be a successful leader in the Australian Financial Review (28 March 2015).

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