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GDV – How Diversity Drives Digital Success

  • 八月 2015

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GDV – How Diversity Drives Digital Success

Diversity is a top priority for all companies, but especially for insurers who urgently require new mindsets and ideas to redefine their business for the digital era. In an interview with Versichersungswirtschaft heute Egon Zehnder consultant Moritz von Campenhausen highlights that keeping up with the competition in terms of speed, flexibility and creativity means recruiting individuals who can develop digital structures and products. However, “The approach of just hiring someone from Silicon Valley often fails due to a lack of strategic support” he warns. Instead of buying in innovative top managers, insurers should focus on creating a corporate culture that is informed by diversity at all levels and encourages trial and error.

Full story: Moritz von Campenhausen: Versicherer brauchen für neue Zeiten auch neue Köpfe und Ideen (Insurers need new mindsets and ideas for a new era) an interview with Moritz van Campenhausen in GDV (4 August 2015) and Stille Revolution durch kulturelle Diversität (Cultural Diversity Causes Silent Revolution) in Versicherungswirtschaft heute (5 August 2015).

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