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How To Be A Leader

Faith in leadership is being tested: character traits and personal values hold the key to restoring confidence, argues Egon Zehnder Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Damien O’Brien in MT Management Today.

Troubled companies need top exec team, not just new CEO

What kind of CEO does a company in trouble need, asks Dan Goleman in a blog for The Huffington Post?

Tech start-ups score low on board diversity

Silicon Valley start-ups score disappointingly when it comes to board diversity, according to a recent survey by Reuters. Tech start-ups tend to make the specifications for the recruitment of board members so narrow that they automatically eliminate women from the candidate pool, note experts.

Key criteria for first-time board members

What factors should executives joining a board for the first time take into consideration, asks Andrew Lowenthal, a consultant at Egon Zehnder, London, in an article for the Financial Times?

Talent retention: help high potentials to excel

How can you keep people motivated without resorting purely to money, asks the "Dubai Eye" in a podcast interview with author and Egon Zehnder Senior Advisor Claudio Fernández-Aráoz?

India Inc. attempts to redress board gender balance

India has recently taken a big step towards redressing the gender balance on boards, reports Bloomberg. Its new Companies Act, passed in August, requires every listed company to have at least one female director within a year.

Better Boards: Non Executives “don’t need no education”

Andrew Roscoe, UK head of Egon Zehnder, the global search firm, sees possibilities for education in the boardroom and agrees that content – governance and regulation – and behavioural aspects are key.

CIOs in the Boardroom: Don’t Be a ‘One-Note Piano’

We once heard a board chairman call a CIO serving on his board a “one-note piano,” because the CIO repeated his same theme over and over.

The Evolution of a New Species of CMO

Evolutionary scientists use the term “cladogenesis” to describe the division of an existing species into two or more new species, often in response to radical change in the environment.

“Inspiring the next generation of female technology creators”

The UK’s National Museum of Computing has launched a new gallery dedicated to women in computing in an effort to redress the gender imbalance in the technology industry.

New Banking Regulations Drive Compliance Demand

A shortage of senior compliance executives within banking and asset management is driving salary increases as firms respond to new regulations in the wake of the global financial crisis, reports the Financial Times.

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