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Financial Times – Silencing the Inner Critic

  • 九月 2015

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Financial Times – Silencing the Inner Critic

Many leaders are aware of the misplaced inner voices that limit them, but struggle to address or silence their doubts and fears, reports the Financial Times. Egon Zehnder consultant Laurence Monnery advises such leaders to work on changing their mindset, where the inner critic resides. The first step is to assess the gap between the “everyday self” and the “best self”; or the leader that an individual could become with more support. Bridging that gap involves escaping daily routines and digging deeper into self-awareness, says Monnery. Spending free time with experienced coaches or executives from other companies can also help, she notes. The transition to a new self may initially feel less authentic, warns Monnery, but a flexible mindset is essential to success in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Full story: Janina Conboye: Even top executives have trouble overcoming self-doubt, (2 September 2015).

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