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Can artificial intelligence replace human resource specialists? Not yet.

With the rise of artificial intelligence in business, the technology has been used in more and more complex applications in recent years. And it is now starting to conquer the field of human resources – likely one of the most complex fields to be addressed by computers.

Adapting to Exponential Futures: Striking a Technology-Human Balance

The annual New Year’s Reception held by Egon Zehnder’s Munich office brings together senior business leaders to engage on big ideas and expand their vision beyond their own professions. The 2018 reception, the 25th in the series, shone the spotlight on the exponential advance of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnologies, and digital biology – all of which promise huge opportunities and dramatic disruption across business and society.

Harvard Business Manager – Der Mensch bleibt im Spiel

Künstliche Intelligenz im HR-Management eines Consumer-Unternehmens – damit befasst sich die Case Study des Harvard Business Manager im Mai 2018. Für Egon Zehnder nimmt dazu Stephan Buchner Stellung, der die deutsche Consumer-Praxisgruppe leitet.

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