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Doing the Right Thing

  • Januar 2024

CMOs are aware that companies need to combine AI with sustainability to meet future needs, determined a group of Chief Marketing Officers during a recent roundtable discussion with Malte Dammann, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Ritter Sport, and hosted by Eva Tholen and Stefanie Meisch from Egon Zehnder.

The company Ritter Sport has identified five areas of priority, aligned to the company purpose "doing the right thing to create really good chocolate".

Firstly, it already procures 100% certified sustainable cocoa and aims by 2025 to source cocoa only via its long-term partnerships with the aim of making raw material production carbon neutral. As part of its sustainability drive, Ritter Sport has invested in El Cacao, its own cocoa farm in east Nicaragua. El Cacao includes more than 1 million planted cocoa trees and over 1,200 hectares of protected areas.

Secondly, the company endeavors to be fair to people. “Everyone who works with us should be better off,” said Dammann.

Thirdly, it respects the environment, with the goal of becoming completely climate neutral by 2030 via carbon reduction, decarbonization and carbon offsetting. The main pillars of its climate strategy include continuously reducing direct emissions, where technically possible. Moreover, it aims to source climate-neutral products alongside own investments in wind energy and solar plants. Doing the right thing, all the way from the raw materials to the supermarket shelf. 

Fourthly, it always uses simply good, responsibly sourced ingredients in its chocolate.

Finally, it aims to introduce sustainable packaging and is currently working on paperbased packaging solutions.

Brand Ambition

In conjunction with its goal of “doing the right thing to create really good chocolate”, Ritter Sport aims to be perceived as the “most colorful chocolate with the best ingredients”.

To secure a steady stream of consumers, Ritter Sport aims to strategically recruit what it refers to as “younger conscious hedonists”. These under 39-year-olds seek fun, quality, pleasurable experiences while also demanding transparency, sustainable values and responsible behavior towards others.

At the same time, the brand seeks to target existing, frequent buyers, explained Dammann. “We have to target both new and existing consumer groups to make our brand fit for the future and to stay relevant, all the time communicating the message that yes, you are allowed to snack on chocolate because you are doing something worthwhile. In other words, our new look and feel provides the platform for a colorful, modern and relevant communication that covers hedonistic as well as sustainability topics.”

In summary, the commitment of companies like Ritter Sport to sustainability reflects an understanding among CMOs that a balance between innovation, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility is crucial for long-term success. This approach not only resonates with evolving consumer values but also sets a standard for businesses striving to remain relevant and thrive in the future.


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