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Seventy-three percent of business leaders are ill-equipped for AI transformation: Research

A new Egon Zehnder report, in partnership with Kearney, finds that AI's rapid growth is a contributing factor, with 73% of those surveyed feeling limited by time, people, and money.

Seventy-three percent of business leaders are ill-equipped for AI transformation, citing limited time, people, and funds, new report from Egon Zehnder and Kearney reveals

Global Leadership Advisory Egon Zehnder, in partnership with Kearney, today releases a report titled ‘Leadership in the Age of AI’ exploring how business leaders foresee the impact of AI on organizations and jobs, and how prepared they feel for this change.

CIOs Grapple with the Ethics of Implementing AI

Christoph Wollersheim, a member of the services and artificial intelligence practices group at global consulting firm Egon Zehnder, pinpoints five critical areas most organizations need to address when implementing AI: accuracy, bias, security, transparency, and societal responsibility.

Leveraging the Collaboration of AI Enabled Assistants and Humans

Leaders assume a pivotal role in leveraging AI to unlock innovation and efficiency.

Is Your Organization Ready for a Chief AI Officer?

At varying stages in AI journeys, question is if a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) can steer an organization in the right direction towards true AI leadership?

The Board Member's Guide to Overseeing AI

A practical guide for corporate directors to harness Artificial Intelligence for their companies.

Leveraging HR Prowess in AI Adoption

Delve into three big areas where Human Resources leaders are uniquely positioned to influence AI adoption efforts throughout the company.

Pursuing Authenticity: A Q&A with Michele Catasta, VP of AI at Replit

Discover how Michele Catasta's unwavering passion in AI led him on a remarkable career path, filled with growth, challenges, and success.

Scaling AI: Insights from Tech Leaders on Reskilling, Regulation and Governance

To explore how leaders are scaling AI in their organizations, we partnered with McKinsey to ask tech executives about AI's potential, integration and risks.

Is Your C-Suite Prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

Discover how C-suite leaders navigate AI challenges for transformative opportunities, adapt to the talent landscape and embrace Generative AI.

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