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Harvard Business Review – How to Hang onto Top Talent

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Harvard Business Review – How to Hang onto Top Talent

With the war for talent intensifying, how can firms hang onto their top guns, asks Harvard Business Review blogger Rebecca Knight? If a talented individual is seeking new challenges, consider the options you can provide internally, says Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, a senior adviser at Egon Zehnder. This may be a seat on a strategic task force, a new territory to cover, or assistance in joining an external board. “If you can find an alternative, it’s a win-win,” notes Fernández-Aráoz. He also warns firms not to take offense at the resignation of a star employee: “Don’t overreact. And don’t badmouth the person who is leaving — it will reduce your credibility.”

Full story: Rebecca Knight: When the Competition is Trying to Poach Your Top Employee a blog post for the Harvard Business Review (29 September 2015).

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