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Manager Magazin – Potential Is What Counts

In an interview with Manager Magazin, Michael Ensser, Managing Partner for Germany, talks about what companies should look for in candidates in the era of digitalization. 詳細


Livemint – Most Family Businesses Could Improve Upon Succession Planning

“Good governance is key to long-term success, especially in family-owned business, where stakeholder relationships are often complex,” says Sonny Iqbal, co-leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global Family Business Advisory. 詳細


CIO - 7 Reasons CIOs Quit (Or Lose Their Jobs)

On average, CIOs leave companies every four years, often spurred by broad changes in corporate strategy or role. CIOs also exit because they can’t shake free the budget they require or they find their strategy de-emphasized. 詳細


Forbes India – In the Old Days You Could Buy Talent with Money

Egon Zehnder Chairman Damien O’Brien spoke to Forbes India’s Manu Balachandran about the evolution of company boards and identifying new leaders. 詳細


Harvard Business Review – How to Apply for a New Job After You’ve Been Fired

After you’ve been fired, getting back into the job market can be difficult. Egon Zehnder Senior Advisor Claudio Fernández-Aráoz offered his expertise on how best to approach this situation in Harvard Business Review. 詳細


Renegade Thinkers Unite – Courage: Why Any CMO Job Description Is Incomplete Without It.

Kristi Maynor, Head of the U.S. CMO and Digital Transformation Practice at Egon Zehnder, joined Drew Neisser on his Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast to discuss courage and the characteristics of the world’s most successful CMOs. Courage is particularly important for marketing leaders because “a good CMO has to be ready to take personal risk,” says Maynor. 詳細


Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Tomorrow’s Executives Have Different Priorities

Achieving a healthy life-work balance is a top priority for today's young professionals, notes Egon Zehnder’s Eduard Knezevic in the Neuer Zürcher Zeitung. Unlike older executives, many young potential managers don't want to spend all of their time in the office. 詳細


Forbes – Private Equity Has Something To Add To The Diversity Discussion. Yes, Really

At the Forbes Leadership Forum on Private Equity, Charles Gray, co-leader of Egon Zehnder’s US Diversity Practice with a special focus on Private Equity, recently contributed to the discussion on diversity, arguing that while Private Equity does not have the best record on diverse hiring, it does have a type of “evergreen hiring” that we can all learn from: Building great talent pipelines by forging strong relationships with promising candidates – before they’re even candidates. 詳細


Harvard Business Review IdeaCast – Why More CEOs Should Be Hired from Within

For the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, Egon Zehnder Senior Advisor Claudio Fernández-Aráoz sat down with Senior Editor Sarah Green Carmichael to discuss how more companies can make good decisions by developing and hiring insiders. According to Fernández-Aráoz, there is emerging research that shows that organizations, particularly at the very high levels, are hiring from the outside excessively, perhaps five times two often. 詳細


Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Swiss Firms Beef Up Boards With Financial Activist Experts

With attacks from financial activists on the rise, companies are starting to beef up their boards with experienced experts, reports the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Both major concerns and smaller, family-run firms in Switzerland have launched board-level recruitment drives over the last 6 months, confirms Philippe Hertig, partner at Egon Zehnder in Zurich. 詳細


The Guardian - EU to Propose Enforcing 40% Quota for Women on Company Boards

The European commission is to push for a quota for women on company boards to address the slow progress to gender equality in the senior ranks of publicly listed businesses. Previous attempts by the EU’s executive to set a 40% goal for women in the top ranks of listed companies have been blocked by Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden overs fears that Brussels was overreaching into domestic affairs. Hungary and Poland have opposed the move on ideological grounds. 詳細


Food Processing – Food Industry Disruption Spells Opportunity for Ingredients Companies

The combination of 3G Capital’s ongoing acquisitions, margin pressure from discounters like Aldi and Lidl and the expectations of activist investors has thrown consumer packaged goods companies in the food space squarely on the defensive. Most have reacted by going into cost-cutting mode, slashing entire layers of marketing and R&D talent from their organizations. 詳細


Handelsblatt – Michael Ensser: “Leadership is a major strategic topic.”

Digitalization, automation, robotization, artificial intelligence – our society is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. It impacts on companies and of course on executive search firms as well, says Michael Ensser, Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder Germany, in an interview with German business daily Handelsblatt. 詳細


Handelszeitung – Why More Female Managers Need to Find a Sponsor

How can firms and female managers accelerate slow progress with gender diversity? In an interview with the Handelszeitung Egon Zehnder consultant Simone Stebler advises female professionals to find a sponsor. 詳細


Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Switzerland Should Select Political Leaders More Professionally

When it comes to choosing leaders politics could learn from business, according to Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig quoted in the Swiss daily Neuer Zürcher Zeitung. Hertig criticises the way Switzerland elects its federal councilors as “unprofessional”. 詳細


Handelszeitung – Choosing the Right Time to Step Down

“The right timing” was the focus of the 54th forum organised by the Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft SMG, reports the Handelszeitung. 詳細


South China Morning Post – Two-Pizza Rule Helps Companies to Start-Up or Scale Up

Big businesses are often slow to adapt and innovate, while start-ups struggle to build teams and systems to scale up their businesses. How can firms break this mould? By learning from one another, writes Egon Zehnder’s Catherine Zhu in the Career Doctors section of the South China Morning Post. 詳細


Handelszeitung – Bold Companies Consider all CEO Options

Novartis recently appointed a comparatively young internal candidate with no previous corner office experience as its CEO, reports the Handelszeitung. “The choice is part of a trend,” according to Egon Zehnder consultant Philippe Hertig. 詳細


FAZ Hochschulanzeiger – Investment Banking Careers Offer “Considerable Creative Margins”

What does a career in investment banking look like today? In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Hochschulanzeiger Egon Zehnder consultant Jörg Janke identifies the competences, potential and attitudes that determine success. 詳細


Finanz und Wirtschaft – Hiring Top Executive Team is Balancing Act for Board, not CEO

When CEOs start giving top management jobs to their buddies, investors need to sit up and pay attention, reports the Swiss financial bi-weekly Finanz und Wirtschaft. 詳細


The Next Generation of Leadership in Big Oil

In 2013, Carol SingletonSlade, Steve Goodman, Trent Aulbaugh and Roger Aguirre of Egon Zehnder’s Global Energy Practice warned of the dire need for identifying and training a new generation of qualified and prepared executives who are ready and willing to lead oil and gas companies. Four years later, as Chevron’s chief executive John Watson is set to step down, his likely replacement is a representation of this “new leadership for a changing oil world.” 詳細


Emerging Markets Business – A Family Affair

In Emerging Markets Business, Egon Zehnder’s Sonny Iqbal and Richard Stark offered their perspective on one family business, Paraíso Verde, which was founded in Chile in 1911 and later fell into crisis following the loss of the founders. 詳細


Börsen Zeitung — Banks and the Transformation Process: Creating Space for Constant Change

In a byline article in Germany’s Börsen-Zeitung newspaper for the financial sector, Birgit Storz and Christian Redhardt consider the question of whether we still “need bankers”. The authors depict financial institutions caught between the residual tremors of the financial crisis and the early impacts of digitalization and ask: “What kind of leaders do today’s banks need? As we don’t know what new variety of disruption we’re likely to face tomorrow, there is an even greater need for leaders who accept change as the new normal. 詳細


Main-Echo – Business Engineers Combine Tech Insights and Leadership Potential

Digital transformation is driving demand for business engineers, reports the German daily Main-Echo. “Business engineers are particularly relevant today because they straddle two worlds,” explains Thorsten Gerhard, Egon Zehnder’s Industrial Practice Leader. 詳細

Press Releases


Egon Zehnder Reports Strong 2020 Results Amid Pandemic and Economic Crisis

Egon Zehnder, the world’s leadership advisory firm, announced strong 2020 annual results, despite a challenging year for nearly all businesses. 詳細


Egon Zehnder and Paradox Strategies Unveil the Innovation Quotient©, a Tool for Leading Innovation in a Transforming World

The ability to innovate quickly, effectively and repeatedly is necessary for businesses to succeed in a complex and changing environment. Egon Zehnder, a global leader in executive search and leadership advisory services, and Paradox Strategies, an innovation consulting firm co-founded by Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill, have introduced the Innovation Quotient©. 詳細


Egon Zehnder and The First 90 Days Author Release Onboarding Effectiveness Assessment to Improve New Executive Integration

Effective onboarding can make or break an executive's success in a new role, yet an Egon Zehnder study of global HR executives and newly appointed leaders shows less than a third of organizations actively support their executives to adapt to the cultural and political climate – which rank as the top reasons new leaders fail. 詳細


Business Case for Diversity Drives Demand for Women Leaders

The business case for diversity is driving demand for a broader talent pool, and especially for more women at executive and board level, according to Egon Zehnder. 詳細


Egon Zehnder to Showcase Tools for Leading Innovation at The New York Times New Work Summit

The New York Times New Work Summit is a conference that brings together top minds across industries to share research, insights and strategies for building teams equipped for the future of work. 詳細


Egon Zehnder Leaders & Daughters Global Survey Reveals Professional Ambitions Rise Throughout Early Career, Fall as Women Strive to Reach C-Suite

Egon Zehnder, the world’s leadership advisory firm, today released the findings of its Leaders & Daughters Global Survey, a seven-country examination of working women’s motivations, ambitions and their own definitions of professional success. 詳細


Latest Egon Zehnder Global Board Diversity Analysis Illustrates Slow but Positive Progress

Egon Zehnder, a global leader in executive search and leadership advisory services, today released its 2016 Global Board Diversity Analysis (GBDA). 詳細


Jason Hecker Bolsters Egon Zehnder’s Chicago Team

Egon Zehnder, a global leader in executive search and leadership advisory services, announced today that Jason Hecker has joined the firm’s Chicago office as a specialist in finding and developing executive talent for a wide range of positions. 詳細


Sarah Rome Joins Egon Zehnder’s US Consumer and Technology Practices

Sarah Rome has joined Egon Zehnder’s Los Angeles office as a core member of the firm's Consumer and Technology practices. 詳細

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