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IQ Magazine – Turning Talent Management into a “Cutting-Edge Tool”

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IQ Magazine – Turning Talent Management into a “Cutting-Edge Tool”

The real estate sector is currently struggling to attract top talent. Why does this matter? Because top talent is in short supply and hugely boosts a company’s bottom line, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Christian Redhardt in IQ Magazine. In his view, real estate companies urgently need to adopt a systematic approach to recruiting and retaining talent. Redhardt cites embracing diversity and leading millennials as just two aspects of structured talent management that will prove crucial in the future. “Depending on how it is implemented, talent management can be a blunt sword or a cutting-edge tool that is perfectly integrated with your strategy,” he notes.

Full story: Christian Redhardt: The future just happened in IQ Magazine (November 2015).

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