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Troubled companies need top exec team, not just new CEO

  • 2013年12月10日

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The Huffington Post – Troubled companies need top exec team, not just new CEO

What kind of CEO does a company in trouble need, asks Dan Goleman in a blog for The Huffington Post? Is an outsider the solution? “That’s a simplistic generalization,” says Claudio Fernández-Aroáz, author and Senior Adviser at Egon Zehnder. “On average, when a company is doing poorly, outsiders tend to do better — but that’s on average. I would not rule out an insider,” he notes. On top of hiring the right new CEO, companies in trouble need a top executive team that can overhaul their strategy, adds Fernández-Aráoz. In his experience, team members require competences like curiosity, openness, the ability to create a compelling vision and resilience under pressure.

Full story: Dan Goleman: Executive Hiring: The Value of the Three Types of Focus a blog posting on The Huffington Post (11 December 2013)

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