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Welcome to Egon Zehnder’s Newsroom. We have more than 600 consultants across 64 offices in 36 countries. Read our latest news and announcements.


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Demystifying the Path to Board Service

Joining a board is pinnacle in many leaders' careers, but there is no one way to get there. Egon Zehnder's Chuck Gray shares some practical advice. Read more on NACD Directorship Magazine

April 2024 · Fortune

Landing the CEO seat has become a lot harder for CFOs

In a conversation with Egon Zehnder consultant James Stark, Fortune delved into the obstacles that financial chiefs encounter on their journey to the top spot, as well as strategies to surmount them. Read more on Fortune

March 2024 · Handelsblatt

Considerations for German Companies Eyeing the US Market

As German firms explore opportunities in the U.S. market, factors like cultural nuances and business risks come into play. Egon Zehnder's Manuel Waenke offers insights on navigating hiring practices, defining employee profiles, and determining compensation strategies to ensure success while avoiding common pitfalls. Read more on Handelsblatt

March 2024 · CFO

82% of CFOs Say Their Role Has Grown Significantly: Report

Egon Zehnder's latest global survey underscores a widespread trend: CFOs are witnessing a significant expansion in their roles over the past five years, marking a shift in the finance function's scope and impact. Read more on CFO

March 2024 · Financial Times

Why more CFOs are becoming CEOs

60% of CFOs now aspire to CEO positions, driven by the expanding role of CFOs beyond finance into areas like corporate strategy, sustainability, and data analytics, Egon Zehnder study shows. Read more on Financial Times

March 2024 · The Wall Street Journal

CFOs' Expanded Role Fostering Aspirations to CEO Job: Study

As CFOs navigated the shifts during the pandemic, they have accumulated the skills, and for some, new aspirations, for the top CEO role, a new Egon Zehnder study reveals. Read more on The Wall Street Journal

March 2024 · Forbes

The Art Of The Question: Why The Best Leaders Listen, Ask And Repeat

Egon Zehnder consultant Lindsay Trout delves into an invaluable trait shared by successful leaders who inspire their teams to achieve great things: being great listeners who ask a lot of thoughtful questions. Read more on Forbes

Navigating Responsible Implementation of Data Ethics in the Age of AI

AI can be trained on historical data that contains biases, so when it comes to deployments such as in AI-based credit scores, there could be biases towards certain groups that perpetuate long-term financial inequality,” says Christoph Wollersheim, a member of Egon Zehnder’s Services Practice and Artificial Intelligence practice. Read more on MIT Sloan Management Review

March 2024 · AP News

CFO Role is Bigger Than Ever, New Global Survey Reveals

New Egon Zehnder study sheds light on how the CFO role is evolving, highlighting how new complexities across environmental, social, and governance matters, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate strategy are driving sweeping change - and opportunity - within their role. Read more on AP News

March 2024 · SpiceWorks

How Technology Can Reduce Burnout Among Women in STEM

SpiceWorks discusses how women in STEM can feel more supported, citing Egon Zehnder research that reveals higher rates of burnout among women, attributing it to the dual burden of professional stress, societal expectations, and holding a leading role in their home life as a mother or core caretakers. Read more on SpiceWorks

February 2024 · Straits Times

Forget Fomo – it’s all about Fobo now, says Egon Zehnder chairman

At the recently concluded World Economic Forum’s Davos meeting, so much of the discussion centred on generative artificial intelligence (AI), and the impact it is having on industry and the world. Read more on Straits Times

February 2024 · CIO Dive

CIOs for hire shift focus as clients tackle cyber, AI rollouts

Amid enterprise resource constraints, interim and fractional CIOs lead longer-term strategies. Read more on CIO Dive

February 2024 · Thomson Reuters

Distilling ESG drivers of enterprise value and the role of corporate boards

Corporate boards significantly influence the perceptions through their oversight duties of how much enterprise value creation comes from non-financial resources - many of which correspond to some key skills gaps inside the boardroom, which Egon Zehnder's Lisa Blais highlights. Read more on Thomson Reuters

February 2024 · ET HR World

Seventy-three percent of business leaders are ill-equipped for AI transformation: Research

A new Egon Zehnder report, in partnership with Kearney, finds that AI's rapid growth is a contributing factor, with 73% of those surveyed feeling limited by time, people, and money. Read more on ET HR World

January 2024 · Harvard Business Review

Lessons from Large Family Firms About Choosing a CEO

Research shows that large family businesses had much better succession practices than their nonfamily counterparts, and they outperformed on several measures after new appointees took the reins. Read more on Harvard Business Review

January 2024 · Forbes India

AI is coming for all our jobs... Or is it?

Burcu Bicakci on the opportunities, challenges, and the role leaders will play in ensuring their organizations are ready for Artificial Intelligence. Read more on Forbes India

January 2024 · Valor Econômico

Headhunters Point Out the Biggest Opportunities in 2024

For Angela Pegas, CFO searches could be on the rise in 2024 due to a potential rise in IPOs, which will demand increased expertise on products, risk, growth, tech, and a disruptive mindset. Read more on Valor Econômico

December 2023 · The European Sting

Chief Procurement Officers: What they do and why they’re ‘unsung heroes’ for tackling big global challenges

“Chief Procurement Officers can fit into a net zero strategy as a key deliverer of part of the strategy,” says Rachael de Renzy Channer, Egon Zehnder's Head of Sustainability. Read more on The European Sting

December 2023 · Valor Econômico

You Can Say, Carefully, 'I Don't Know,' Says Egon Zehnder CEO

Edilson Camara, Global CEO of Egon Zehnder, in interview to Valor Econômico Read more on Valor Econômico

December 2023 · Portfolio Magazine Singapore

Forecast 2024: Worth the Risk

In this Portfolio Magazine interview, Wan May Ang, Partner and Singapore Office Leader of Egon Zehnder alongside other leaders, answer: What risks are you willing to take for 2024? Read more on Portfolio Magazine Singapore

December 2023 · CIO

CIOs Grapple with the Ethics of Implementing AI

Christoph Wollersheim, a member of the services and artificial intelligence practices group at global consulting firm Egon Zehnder, pinpoints five critical areas most organizations need to address when implementing AI: accuracy, bias, security, transparency, and societal responsibility. Read more on CIO

December 2023 · Forbes

Four Skills as CEO That Foster a Forward-Thinking Corporate Culture

According to a study by Egon Zehnder, around 80% of global CEOs recognize they must change themselves to change the world. Read more on Forbes

December 2023 · CNA938 - Work It

Tanay Misra discusses "Elevating the CSO's Voice" - CNA 938

Egon Zehnder's Tanay Misra discusses the key findings of the recent "Elevating the CSO's Voice" study with CNA 938's Work It show with Cheryl Goh and Stanley Leong. Read more on CNA938 - Work It

December 2023 · Business Today

Women Leaders in a Transformative Era

Egon Zehnder's Global Board Diversity Tracker shows that 11.1% of executive board chairs are held by women in India, while the number stands at 3.7% globally. Read more on Business Today

Press Releases

May 2024

Francesco Buquicchio Named Next CEO of Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder announced Francesco Buquicchio as its next CEO. Buquicchio succeeds Edilson Camara, following a strategic leadership transition and succession planning process. Read more

May 2024

Egon Zehnder’s North America CEO and Board Practice Welcomes New Leadership

Egon Zehnder has announced the appointment of a new leader for the North America CEO and Board Practice. Pam Warren will join Chuck Gray at the helm of the practice. Read more

March 2024

Egon Zehnder Showcases Resilient Performance and Strategic Growth in 2023

Egon Zehnder, the world’s preeminent leadership advisory firm, reports global revenues of USD 862.7 million (CHF 792 million) for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2023. Read more

March 2024

New Global Survey from Egon Zehnder Reveals the CFO Role is Bigger Than Ever, “Super CFOs” Continue to Evolve Beyond Finance, Aspire to be CEO

Survey of nearly 600 CFOs shows a major shift in CFO perspectives on business priorities and leadership dynamics - and demonstrates aspirations to land the role of CEO Read more

January 2024

Seventy-three percent of business leaders are ill-equipped for AI transformation, citing limited time, people, and funds, new report from Egon Zehnder and Kearney reveals

Global Leadership Advisory Egon Zehnder, in partnership with Kearney, today releases a report titled ‘Leadership in the Age of AI’ exploring how business leaders foresee the impact of AI on organizations and jobs, and how prepared they feel for this change. Read more

November 2023

Elevating the CSO's Voice

Sustainability transformation isn't just a buzzword; it's an unstoppable force led by visionary Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs). Egon Zehnder, the world's preeminent leadership advisory firm, has explored the insights of CSOs from diverse industries and regions to reveal three major findings that highlight their pivotal role in steering sustainability transformations. Read more

November 2023

Egon Zehnder Opens New Pacific Northwest Office in Seattle

Egon Zehnder, the world’s preeminent leadership advisory firm, today announced the opening of a new Pacific Northwest office in downtown Seattle with another location in Vancouver, British Columbia opening in early 2024. Egon Zehnder’s presence in the Pacific Northwest will establish the company as the first leadership advisory firm with physical offices in both locations, allowing the firm to better serve clients and the community in the region. Read more

October 2023

Egon Zehnder and The 350 Club Forge Exclusive Partnership to Elevate Boardroom Excellence

Egon Zehnder is thrilled to announce its exclusive collaboration with The 350 Club, an esteemed online community that connects the FTSE 350 global board community. Read more

August 2023

In Memoriam: Doug Kush

It is with heavy hearts that we share the very sad news that our dear friend and beloved colleague, Doug Kush, passed away after a brief but fiercely fought battle with brain cancer. Read more

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