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Lindsay Trout Egon Zehnder, Palo Alto


Lindsay Trout, based in Palo Alto, leads the US Digital segment of the firm’s Technology and Communications Practice and is a member of the Consumer Practice. Lindsay’s experience is focused on executive search and talent advisory services at the C-suite and board levels.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Lindsay was a Project Leader with Boston Consulting Group, focused on organizational transformation projects in technology and consumer companies. Previously, she was Chief of Staff to the Chairman and CEO of FileNet Corporation, a public enterprise content software company, now a division of IBM. Lindsay began her career in the Leadership Development Program of JPMorganChase in New York, where she worked on before she transitioned into the innovation unit, LabMorgan, where she assumed a variety of operational, marketing, and business development roles working with leading technology innovators.

Lindsay earned a BS from University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, and an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

News and Publications

What We Heard – Never Waste a Crisis

The combination of overlapping social media networks with passionate and vigilant consumers means that chief marketing officers and chief communications officers are never more than one errant tweet or unflattering video away from a crisis. But while crises generate urgency and headlines, managing a brand today is a 24/7 operation of monitoring, messaging and refinement.

Building Digital Fluency: An Approach That Lets Us Sleep at Night

Over the past six months, we have had numerous conversations with traditional consumer companies, from CPG to retail, that are undergoing digital transformation.

Notes from The New York Times’ New Work Summit

The topic of innovation is squarely on the agenda of today’s corporate decision makers. This was in full display at the recent New York Times’ New Work Summit, where we joined a select group of business leaders, engineers and scientists, designers and futurists to discuss the challenges leaders face in transforming their organizations into engines of innovation.

How CMOs in the Epicenter of Innovation View the World

We recently held a private dinner for 20 CMOs from some of San Francisco’s most disruptive companies in the hospitality, food, insurance, financial services and media sectors.

How CMOs in the Epicenter of Innovation View the World

We recently held a private dinner for 20 CMOs from some of San Francisco’s most disruptive companies in the hospitality, food, insurance, financial services and media sectors.

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Responsible for Everything, Owner of Nothing: Finding the Right Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff role is perhaps the trickiest hire for a chief executive to make. While the role can often be considered a “catch-all,” we see that the remit is usually broken down into three broad categories.

Finding the Fulcrum: Transformation’s Essential First Step

Archimedes famously said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” I’m frequently reminded of that quote these days, whether I’m working with legacy organizations transforming themselves to compete in today’s digital-powered world or with pure-play companies looking to keep their edge.

Egon Zehnder’s Lindsay Trout to Lead Round Table at Shift Conference San Francisco

Integrating Digital Talent into Traditional Corporate Cultures is the central theme of the round table to be lead by Lindsay Trout, Digital Practice Leader at Egon Zehnder.

Procter & Google? The Marketing Academy of Tomorrow Takes Shape

For a generation, Procter & Gamble has been more than an icon of consumer packaged goods—it’s been the West Point of marketing, producing hundreds of CMOs across a range of industries.

You Lost Me at “Hello”: How CDO Candidates Evaluate Opportunities

As software continues to “eat the world,” the corresponding demand for digital talent from chemicals to insurance to retail is fierce.

The Fire Within: The Two Types of Entrepreneurial Determination

Transformative enterprises are built around the idea that its members—and particularly its founders—can see things before others do. Building the leadership team for such an organization often requires similar foresight about people—having a sense of what they are able to accomplish before it has been achieved.

Mapping the Product Manager

The product manager’s ability to translate the vision and craftsmanship of software engineering into a compelling and engaging solution and experience is essential for a successful digital agenda.

Dispatch from the Near Future: Thoughts on CES 2016

A good way to start debate in the consumer technology world is to ask if CES is still relevant. There is a vocal cohort of naysayers who claim it has become an overstuffed rehash of trends sharper eyes can spot earlier elsewhere. But in our view, this misses the mark.

Is Your Shopping Cart for eCommerce Talent Empty?

With eCommerce talent in high demand and short supply, the human capital challenge for all companies in the space – from online-only to multi-channel players, from providers of digital goods to purveyors of physical products – has become tougher than ever.

Destination Digital – Finding and Building the Talent to Get There

In a world where consumers tweet complaints in public forums, shop online as much as on high streets, and express brand preferences on Facebook, excellence in digital is critical for business success.

Chief Digital Officer Practice Profile

Leading in the Connected Age

Technological transformation continues to unfold at a relentless pace. To effectively adapt to this new era, companies must recruit and develop a different kind of leadership talent. This is a big ask, because demand for leaders with deep technological acumen far outstrips supply.

consultant name

Lindsay Trout Egon Zehnder, Palo Alto