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At Egon Zehnder, we have developed true expertise in the emerging field of blockchain technology. Business and technology professionals are working diligently to harness the distributed ledger’s underlying capabilities to address operational issues like chain of custody, customer identity, and transaction clearing. Such use cases — both financial and nonfinancial — extend well beyond the market’s obsession over valuations of digital currencies like Bitcoin. These efforts require fresh perspectives and access to a scarce supply of talent, both of which often reside beyond the finance realm.

Our 68 offices across 40 countries provide the global reach necessary to address such a rapidly evolving space. Our more than 450 consultants, all hired from industry, are well equipped to identify talent and offer thought leadership across sectors. And our unique “One Firm” operating model lets clients enjoy our full array of solutions — which extends through executive assessment and development — without regard to geographic or functional hurdles.

Since the blockchain itself derives much of its value from a “no boundaries” credo, we use a similar philosophy in our approach to the sector. Our consultants are well versed in blockchain’s underlying technology, with the relevant industry experience to identify and develop the best emerging talent in this highly competitive sector. We welcome the chance to partner with you to navigate this mission-critical field.