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What We Do

Leadership for a Better World

We inspire leaders to navigate complex questions with human answers

Leading in today’s dynamic world poses more questions and unknowns with higher stakes than ever before. We can help you get – and stay – ready to take on the leadership challenges you face.

With more than 600 consultants, working in 64 offices and 36 countries, we partner with the world’s greatest leaders to help them succeed personally and professionally. We collaborate seamlessly across geographies, industries, and functions, bringing the full power of the Firm to you.

of our projects come from repeat clients who know they can trust us

How we help

Our services address every situation, present or future, expected or unexpected


We help choose the right leaders to deliver sustainable impact


We inspire and guide journeys of growth that fulfill potential


We open doors to game-changing new realities


We envision future scenarios to inform decisions today


We enable boards to maximize their effectiveness and strategic value

Our Approach

Whether we are identifying, assessing, or developing your organization’s leaders, we have proprietary tools to support your goals. These include our Potential Model, which helps clients understand how to identify and unlock their executives’ full capabilities; our Transformative Leadership Framework, a blueprint for leaders to trigger disruptive change; and our Culture Profile, which helps organizations build a culture of successful innovation. We also partner with Mobius Executive Leadership to create our acclaimed invitation-only Executive Breakthrough Program — a unique and powerful approach to developing your most senior leaders, as well as our Voyager Leadership Development Program, an in-house, intensive executive leadership program tailored for your organization, and Customized Leadership Immersion, an exclusive program for CEOs to gain greater levels of self-awareness when facing professional crossroads.

Discovering Leaders

Discovering Leaders

Our trusted, tailored, and inclusive selection process ensures we help you appoint the right leaders to deliver sustainable impact, high-performing teams, and through this, leadership for a better world.

Shaping Successions

Shaping Successions

In a rapidly changing world, being prepared is everything. We combine deep industry knowledge, unparalleled networks and rigorous assessment of your present and future needs to ensure you always have the right people ready to lead, come what may.

Advancing Governance

Advancing Governance

We’ve helped build and develop some of the world’s highest performing boards, empowering them to enhance their effectiveness, harness the power of their diversity, and maximize their value to organizations, shareholders and society.

Developing Leadership

Developing Leadership

Channeling our deep business and human understanding, we guide and inspire individuals and teams on their journeys of personal and professional growth. We refine skills, nurture strengths and address gaps to help leaders fulfill their potential.

Unlocking Transformations

Unlocking Transformations

When a paradigm shift is needed is needed, we partner with transformational development experts to deliver pioneering programs that empower leaders and organizations to renew and reinvent themselves, stay ahead of the curve and drive impactful change.

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