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Explore Egon Zehnder’s latest insights, studies, articles, and news on the topics that matter to CEOs and executive leaders.
  • March 2024
CFOs are taking on unprecedented responsibilities and evolving into “super CFOs.” In our global study, we surveyed 600 of them to unveil the future of the role and its implications for organizations.
  • January 2024
The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has erupted into our world, marking its presence with striking advancements. AI models are demonstrating new capabilities almost daily, to the point where the question is no longer what AI can do but rather what it can’t.
  • November 2023
Chief Sustainability Officers share how they are transforming their organizations—and what they need from boards and CEOs to make their vision a reality.
  • June 2023
Search 2.0 is a revolutionary approach designed for organizations on their DE&I journey. It’s not a diversity-focused template, but for all future leadership appointments.
  • November 2023
Leadership succession pose unique challenges for founder-led beauty brands. Our analysis uncovers successful strategies and pitfalls amid this shift.
  • November 2022
For over 18 years, Egon Zehnder has been tracking boardroom diversity around the world. The 2022–2023 Global Board Diversity Tracker captures the progress that has been made in 44 countries.
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