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Martha Josephson Egon Zehnder, Palo Alto


Martha Josephson, based in Palo Alto, focuses on technology and communications and leads Egon Zehnder’s global Digital Media Practice, a pioneering specialty she launched in 1996. Martha serves many of Silicon Valley's best-known and emerging enterprises, with a focus on hyper-growth digital media companies. She is especially engaged in sourcing digital talent for consumer and other non-digital companies seeking to evolve digitally. She conducts both senior management and board director searches, and provides board effectiveness consulting. In 2011, Martha was named to Fortune Magazine's Executive "Dream Team" Start-up group. She was acknowledged in “How Google Works” (2014) by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg as “not technically a Googler, but as true a partner as can be found.” Martha is also an official and enthusiastic Commentator for “The Information”, an online publication taking deep-dives into technology and media.


Martha was previously a consultant for McKinsey & Company, based in New York, where she focused on major turn-around efforts and post-merger integration for Consumer companies. Other past roles include Managing Editor of the "Asian Venture Capital Journal," a media and conference company based in Hong Kong, and Executive Director, Hong Kong Venture Capital Association, a business networking group.

Martha earned an AB from Princeton University, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude, and an MBA from Columbia Graduate School of Business. She serves on the Advisory Board of "Pave", a company devoted to mentorship and financial support for very high potential people, early in their lives. Martha is also an Advisor to "CollegeFeed," a networking platform that connects companies to college students beginning their careers.

News and Publications

The One Big Thing: Rethinking the CEO Search

Digital content enterprises are all about giving the market what it wants before the market knows it wants it. Quite simply, it's a hits-driven business.

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Silicon Valley start-ups score disappointingly when it comes to board diversity, according to a recent survey by Reuters. Tech start-ups tend to make the specifications for the recruitment of board members so narrow that they automatically eliminate women from the candidate pool, note experts.

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The One Big Thing: Rethinking the CEO Search

Digital content enterprises are all about giving the market what it wants before the market knows it wants it. Quite simply, it’s a hits-driven business. Running such an enterprise demands a certain type of CEO—more an impresario than a traditional corporate executive.

consultant name

Martha Josephson Egon Zehnder, Palo Alto