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Agenda Week – Digital Advisory Boards Can Fast-Track Transformation

  • 一月 2016

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Agenda Week – Digital Advisory Boards Can Fast-Track Transformation

Digital transformation is currently a major challenge for industries like banking and retail. But expecting the board or executive committee to define a strategy for dealing with it may be ineffective, warns Egon Zehnder consultant Ricardo Sunderland in Agenda. One solution, says Sunderland, is to create a: “temporary, nimble body that gives key decision makers both the room and the resources necessary to work through the range of issues involved.” The digital advisory board should ideally feature two or three executive committee members (but not the CEO), and the same number of outside experts with experience in digital transformation. In Sunderland’s view, this body should focus on questions like: “How are our customers’ needs and expectations changing, and what are the roles we could play in that process?” It can then work with the executive committee to craft a strategy that provides the answers.

Full story: Ricardo Sunderland: Advisory Boards Create Fast Track for Digital Transformation in Agenda Week (11 January 2016).

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