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Emerging Markets Business – A Family Affair

In Emerging Markets Business, Egon Zehnder’s Sonny Iqbal and Richard Stark offered their perspective on one family business, Paraíso Verde, which was founded in Chile in 1911 and later fell into crisis following the loss of the founders.

Lessons for parents and teachers

Why we can only win in our family relationships- not conquer.

Interview with former US president Bill Clinton

"Individuals and nations cannot reach their full potential without quality, affordable education."

A Team of 4,000: The Keys to Effective Presidential Appointments

A Team of 4,000: The Keys to Effective Presidential Appointments. Exceptional times require exceptional leadership teams. Now that the presidential election is over, the key to making America greater is a strategic series of presidential appointments.

Goodbye Spokesperson, Hello Steward

Once heralded as the seat held by the best storyteller in the company, corporate communications is no longer about amplifying what an organisation wants to say. Social media and vanishing boundaries have exploded the old model. Instead, communications today has a very different focus: to manage the dynamic, two-way conversation between an organisation and its stakeholders.

Great People Decisions in the Public Sector

In most developed economies around the world, public sector intervention is becoming more widespread. This not only includes new and stricter regulations, but even the state actively going back into business, as illustrated on the cover of an issue of The Economist, “Leviathan Inc.” The big problem is that unless people decisions in the public sector are drastically reviewed, economic and social progress will be seriously at risk.

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