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Jens Riedel Egon Zehnder, Berlin


Jens Riedel, based in Berlin, focuses on financial services and professional services. He co-leads the Risk Management segment of Egon Zehnder’s global Financial Services Practice. A trusted advisor in senior leadership development and an experienced executive coach, Jens conducts management appraisals and provides accelerated integration support to leaders transitioning into new roles.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Jens was a Principal with Boston Consulting Group, where he worked mainly for clients in the banking, insurance, and reinsurance industries on projects ranging from strategy development to reorganization, as well as major organizational development projects across industries. He was also part of BCG's Strategy Institute with a focus on long-term business trends, such as the relevance of cultural differences. Jens started his career with DaimlerBenz, where he was a member of the International Management Associate Programme engaged in projects in the US, Germany, and China. He also served as a speech writer for the CEO, and was in a line role for passenger car sales strategy.

Jens earned an MA in Economics from University of Tübingen and also studied at SUNY-Stony Brook and at the New School for Social Research, in the US. He earned a PhD in Business Administration from Technical University Berlin, where he focused on the impact of coaching on executives. Jens also holds a coaching certificate in individual psychology. He serves on the advisory board of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation, an association of German Chief Risk Officers and relevant consultants dedicated to improving risk management practices in Germany.

News and Publications

Potential: The Raw Material of the Future

Companies are investing more aggressively than ever in executive recruiting, assessment and development. Yet despite this higher level of input, the development tends have little or no impact for executives in a fast-changing market environment; the implication being the methods used to select and develop talent have not kept pace with the changing requirements for effective leadership.

Zeitschrift für Führung und Organisation - Potential: a New, Future-Focused Approach to Selecting Leaders

In today’s volatile world shaped by uncertainty, finding leaders who can rise to tomorrow’s challenges is essential to a company’s survival.

Risk Management Practice Profile

The recent economic crisis has forced financial institutions to take a critical look at how they manage risk.

consultant name

Jens Riedel Egon Zehnder, Berlin


Jens Riedel

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