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Josh Solera Egon Zehnder, Houston


Josh Solera is active in Egon Zehnder’s Services Practice, specializing in Travel & Hospitality and Transport & Logistics, as well as in the firm’s Private Equity Practice. He is based in Houston. Josh is a trusted advisor to senior executives across the airline, rail, car rental and loyalty industries, in addition to private equity clients. He leads executive search as well as management appraisals and accelerated integration of transitioning executives.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Josh was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company, where he led numerous projects in the global transport and private equity sectors, with a particular emphasis on airlines and freight rail. His work included strategy, commercial improvement, and organization design and renewal, including evaluation, assessment and coaching. Josh also served as a member of McKinsey’s internal Values Task Force. He started his career with The Parthenon Group, a leading boutique management consulting firm, where he advised clients on strategy and private equity acquisitions.

Josh has a BA in History and French from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

News and Publications

CERAWeek 2017

An impending market rebound has many feeling cautiously optimistic, but the extended cycle of the current downturn – now being characterized as “lower for longer” – has created a new reality that will change leadership imperatives for the foreseeable future. Energy leaders are realizing that lower prices, unpredictable market dynamics and hyper competition for talent, resources and capital are driving a need to rebuild and adapt businesses or risk being left behind. In this new reality, it’s critical to strike a balance between disruption and discipline – understanding how to best lead innovation while still adhering to longstanding best practices that will ensure longevity regardless of future market fluctuations.

The Next Airline Downturn – How to Survive

Airline profits are flying high, thanks to healthy load factors, low fuel prices, and capacity discipline. But there’s another downturn ahead, and airlines must prepare for it now – by leading the way in digital transformation, and boosting their future talent bench.

consultant name

Josh Solera Egon Zehnder, Houston