Minh-Ha Nguyen

New York

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Minh-Ha Nguyen Egon Zehnder, New York


Minh-Ha Nguyen, based in New York, is an active member of Egon Zehnder’s Technology & Communications and Consumer Practices. Drawing on her impressive track record as a successful manager herself, she focuses on executive searches and providing talent advice to clients across digital, media and entertainment, multichannel retail/e-commerce and other consumer-facing sectors. Minh-Ha works with both digital disrupters and incumbent firms to define and develop the talent, organization and behaviors they need to drive their growth and implement digital transformations. She has also worked broadly in emerging markets, especially China.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Minh-Ha held various roles as marketing executive, general manager and advisor to senior executives across a range of fields including digital media, traditional media, e-commerce, retail, mobile and big data. She was Chief Marketing Officer of Migo Corporation, a big data SaaS software company. Prior to that, Minh-Ha served as the Vice President and General Manager of E-Commerce and Financial Services for Walmart, where she launched Walmart’s e-commerce business from the ground up in China and propelled Walmart’s fast-growing financial services business to over US$1 billion in revenue. At American Express in New York, Minh-Ha was the Director of Global Digital Strategy and Product Manager in charge of the company’s largest consumer credit card portfolio. She also managed HBO’s e-commerce business and helped launch its first digital on-demand service. In addition, Minh-Ha managed eBay’s collectibles business, which is the firm’s largest product category.

Minh-Ha completed a BA at Duke University and an MBA at the Harvard Business School. She received a Fulbright Scholarship in Taiwan, where she conducted and published her research on the changing media landscape in Greater China. Minh-Ha is the Consumer Sector Leader for the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of New York. She is passionate about mentoring young people to reach their potential and about leadership development for young women.

News and Publications

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Minh-Ha Nguyen, an Egon Zehnder consultant in the technology and digital practices, says that while China’s technology industry was previously seen as only capable of copying Western products, today, Chinese tech companies have become leaders in innovation.

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consultant name

Minh-Ha Nguyen Egon Zehnder, New York