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Creating a Future-Ready Finance Team

Amit Banati, CFO of Kellanova, delves into how the CFO role is evolving and the key factors shaping its future.

The Role of CFO Then Vs. Now

Zane Rowe, CFO of Workday, discusses technology, board collaboration, and the importance of finding perspectives in untapped places for innovative ideas.

The Making of a CFO

Zane Rowe, from his initial CFO role at a global airline to his current position at Workday, shares valuable lessons for aspiring finance professionals aiming to excel as CFOs.

CFOs, Too, Should Rely on Self-Care

Zane Rowe, CFO of Workday, emphasizes the importance of the journey over just the title in attaining the CFO role.

Navigating New Magnitudes as a CFO

Prashanth Mahendra-Rajah, Uber Technologies' CFO, elaborates on the strategies and networks he leveraged to quickly acclimate and excel in his role at Uber.

CFO Dilemma: From Collective Insight to CEO Solitude

Prashanth Mahendra-Rajah, CFO of Uber Technologies, explores whether operationally oriented CFOs truly possess the qualities needed to become CEOs.

Adapting to Partner with the CEO

Prashanth Mahendra-Rajah, CFO of Uber Technologies, notes the substantial evolution in the CEO's role, particularly the expanded scope of responsibilities.

The New Superpowers of Today’s CFO

Discussing the evolution of the CFO role, Jean Hu asserts that CFOs have transitioned into strategic partners for CEOs, unlocking greater opportunities for impact.

How Finance Talent Benefits from Rotating Positions

Jean Hu, CFO of AMD, describes how AMD’s rotation program serves as a strategic tool for career progression across the company’s operations.

Accounting for Inclusivity in CFO Succession

The prevalence of women in finance role doesn’t equal a pipeline of future female CFOs. Jean Hu, CFO of AMD shares strategies to rectify that disparity.

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