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Taking The Right Exit: Private Equity CFOs Share Their Wisdom

Before the pandemic, Egon Zehnder had planned a dinner for private equity CFOs on the topic “How to make a good exit.” Instead, the CFO team, led by Barbara Kroll, hosted a series of virtual interviews with four prominent executives.

Navigating Rough Seas – How CEOs are Preparing for Turbulent Times Ahead

As the battle against the global pandemic wages on, CEOs are confronted with a new set of challenges that require not only their intellect and steadfast determination, but also their humanity, vulnerability and humility.

Audit Committee Report: Danger Ahead

Audit committees exist to flag dangers. And they are seeing a new series of threats to enterprise looming ahead in the next year.

After Lockdown: European CFOs on Reopening and Beyond

On 12th and 16th June 2020, Egon Zehnder brought together more than 20 CFOs from large European companies to exchange their views on leading through the current crisis.

Global Banking CEOs Strike a Balance Between Capitalism and Care Amid COVID-19

Highlights from the eighth digital gathering of CEOs from the banking world, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

“Don’t Let the Urgent Crowd Out the Important"

15 Audit Committee Chairs share what they deem most important going forward, and how the audit process may change forever.

Global Banking CEOs Hammer Out the Details of a Safe Return to the Office

Highlights from digital gatherings with CEOs from the banking world, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Asset Management CEOs: Our Industry Is Seizing the Future

Top asset managers on how to stay relevant in times of uncertainty.

German CFOs to Focus on Performance and Strategic Flexibility after COVID-19

Highlights from 12 digital gatherings with over 250 Chief Financial Officers in Germany.

Asset Management in Asia

16 asset management CEOs in Asia discuss leading the way – into and out of the crisis.

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