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Economic Uncertainty, Tighter Consumer Budgets and Labor Shortage

Egon Zehnder gathered a group of eight CFOs and NEDs from public retail companies to share how they are planning for the end of this year into 2023 as they tackle inflation, a sporadic supply chain and a labor shortage.

Adapting the Board to New Paradigms: The Example of Web3

For Web3 businesses, finding executive talent is just half of the battle. Building a board of directors who have the experience, capabilities, and mindsets to operate in new, rapidly changing and sometimes decentralized environments is a major challenge for CEOs and founders alike. There are three key elements Web3 businesses should look for in board members.

The Future of Retail

Retail companies have been permanently changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumer behaviors have shifted, employees have embraced different ways of working and investors continue to seek guidance, even though each quarter has become harder to predict. We gathered a group of CFOs from major retail companies to share how they’re tackling these new challenges and how they see the CFO role evolving.

Reprogramming Fintech Talent in Turkey

To remain competitive in the fintech industry, companies will need to adapt their talent strategy as the environment and conditions around them change.

Leading Through the Unexpected

The chief financial officer position was already being recalibrated before COVID-19 struck, however, the global pandemic demonstrated in real time how the CFO’s role goes far beyond the balance sheet. We spoke with industrial CFOs to find out how their roles are evolving, what they learned from the pandemic, and what the new definition of the CFO role could look like.

A View Like No Other

Retail CFOs share how their roles are evolving, what they learned from the pandemic, and the broader influence CFOs can have both inside and outside their organizations going forward.

Four CFO Trends to Watch

Over the past year, colleagues and I have had dozens of discussions with CFOs to understand how they have been navigating the pandemic and are adapting as leaders to this challenging and often unpredictable environment. What became apparent during these conversations is that the pandemic created or accelerated some key trends that will become an essential part of any CFO’s repertoire in the long term.

ESG Making Its Move in a COVID-19 World

Our aim is to create an ESG Alternative Debt Community to advance the SDG: What does “good” look like in a post-COVID world?

The Shifting Role of Product Officers

The rise of the Product Officer role across industries has sparked new innovations within companies, and asset managers are no exception. While previously a role that focused more on execution, Product Leaders in asset management firms have the opportunity to be more strategic and expand the scope of their traditional focus

Harvard Business Review - The Former and Current Chairs of Mastercard on Executing a Strategic CEO Succession

Our work with the former and current Chairs of Mastercard on a strategic CEO Succession

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