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Does Coming Out at Work Still Matter?

As younger generations embrace diversity without hesitation, it might be tempting to assume that the act of coming out as LGBTQ+ is becoming less significant.

Embracing Identity: Insights from LGBTQ+ CMOs

At 2022’s Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, three renowned marketing leaders gathered for a panel. They explored how embracing their LGBTQ+ identities shaped their careers at a time when the business world was slowly progressing on DE&I issues.

What’s Next for CHROs in Terms of Diversity and Inclusion?

What obstacles stand in the way of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within today’s and tomorrow’s companies? What approaches can leaders adopt to drive the necessary changes?

CHROs Urged to Define DEI Goals and Align Internal Culture

A diverse workplace helps companies achieve success by reflecting the communities in which they operate and the customers whom they serve.

The Power of Being Out

The more we come out, the more change we can affect.

Mehr Diversity? Haltung reicht nicht!

Zu den großen unternehmerischen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit gehören Diversität und Inklusion. Seit vielen Jahren erörtern Politik, Wirtschaft und Öffentlichkeit, wie sichergestellt werden kann, dass beispielsweise Frauen die gleichen Karrierechancen haben wie Männer.

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