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Leadership Succession — Best Practices from the World’s Leading Family Businesses

  • 2015年06月10日

Leadership Succession

Best Practices from the World’s Leading Family Businesses

Leadership succession is one of the most critical and daunting tasks a family business can face. Unfortunately, there are few resources that set forth in a concise way established best practices and then provide practical guidance on their implementation.

Leadership Succession: Best Practices from the World’s Leading Businesses seeks to fill that need. This handbook outlines the five steps to success that enduring family businesses follow in their own leadership succession practices and is based on extensive interviews with the chairman and chief executive officer of such companies. Each element of success is described in detail along with diagnostic and implementation tools to help readers apply the principles to their own organization. The handbook is built on research conducted by Egon Zehnder and the Family Business Network, the world’s leading family business organization, as well as guidance from Sabine Rau, professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business at King’s College London.

It is our hope that those responsible for succession planning in family businesses will find this handbook to be a useful guide in their endeavors.

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